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Weekend Recap

The whole daylight savings thing can be so hit or miss.  This year I kind of forgot about it and kind of just hoped the kids would adjust without too much trouble.  I wasn’t sure what to expect considering Saturday morning both kids woke up at 4am ready to play and we knew they would be up later than usual that night, so we crossed our fingers and hoped for a nap.  Phoebe napped for a whopping 30 minutes and Enzo didn’t at all.  Time would tell how Superman and Wonder Woman do on the walk around the block. (They did great!)


Amazingly, neither kid went to bed too much later than usual.  Josh wasn’t feeling well so he and Enzo lay down in our bed to watch a show, but Phoebe climbed down and came to see what I was up to so she and I watched a little TV on the couch.  I think she was out by 8:30, and when I went to carry her to bed, both boys were out as well. While I was tempted to stay up a bit later than usual, I was still tired from being up since 4:00, so I was probably in bed by 10-10:30. We’re a bunch of party animals, I tell ya.


Sunday the kids were up a little earlier than we would have liked, but nothing out of the norm.  They were, however, a tad feisty and I just hoped they’d cooperate for haircuts later in the day. Note to self – I noticed that Phoebe’s bangs need to be fixed a tad – let’s hope I can handle it myself and not make it worse.  I can’t complain too much, though, I mean it takes me half an hour just to try and trim her bangs at home, let along attempt to trim her whole head when she won’t stop moving.


So, there you have it… also my computer has been on the fritz, so I didn’t get any pictures uploaded or anything and haven’t really been taking as many photos in general.  Stress? Maybe.  Or maybe I’m just living in the moment. Or, maybe it’s both.  Over and out!

Yearly Holiday Card

One of my favorite things about this time of year is mail – especially the holiday cards and year-in-review cards we receive from family and friends who we haven’t seen in a long time.  When you have kids it’s so easy for a year to go by in an instant and while social media makes quick catch-ups so easy, it’s not as personal as receiving something via the good ole USPS.  Even if it’s just a photo card, we enjoy getting them (I use the blog as an excuse to not write a year end letter). 😉

When we first decided to send out a holiday card we knew we didn’t want to do a standard photo because it’s not really “us,” so now each year we try to come up with a unique idea, which is both a lot more fun and difficult with kids added into the mix.


The year we got married and the start of a tradition.



This was the year we found out we were going to be parents, so this idea was actually inspired by a friend who posted a screenshot from ‘Alien’ to my Facebook wall when we announced the news.



I knew I wanted to do this when I realized that Enzo would be big enough to sit up on his own by the time we need to take the photo.  Nom nom, babies!



This year, I don’t have a picture of – we went for your standard collage card because Phoebe was a newborn and we didn’t have the energy to do anything creative.


There really is no explanation needed is there?  Let me just say it is not easy to get two children this young to cooperate for one photo.  It was a fun one, though.



We already have a plan for next year, and it’s going to be spectacular and take some sewing on my part, so I should probably start now since I don’t really sew.

Week 19

Well, here we are – almost halfway there and in just a few days we’ll know what to call the belly, but we’re keeping the name a secret for a while, so it’ll be Baby Boy or Baby Girl to everyone else. :p


Pregnancy has been pretty good so far… once we got out of the first trimester I stopped getting nauseous and got some of my energy back, which was nice. I am, however, starting to already feel a little off-balance, which probably isn’t good considering how clumsy I am on a normal basis.  While this time of year is normally a little difficult for me mentally, baby hormones haven’t been helping, so I’ve been feeling a bit more down and out than normal.  It definitely helps having Josh be so excited for the holidays and decorating, though. The cheerful glow of twinkle lights have made things seem a little less dark, and I’m hoping all of the crazy hormones will even out a bit and I’ll be my old self again.


Sunday Shenanigans

Just because we don’t really celebrate Easter and are no longer children doesn’t mean we can’t see the potential of those cheap plastic eggs. Sure, kids can go on egg hunts, but we decided to have a scavenger hunt! This weekend seemed like the perfect excuse to run around like kids and take advantage of awesome Easter sales, not that we really need excuses to run around like kids and bestow baskets full of goodies to each other.


We agreed on 8 clues each, some of which were easy and some of which were more difficult leading to looks of extreme confusion and contemplation.

Most suprising of all was how similar a couple of our clues were and that both scavenger hunts ended in the master closet. Probably because of how much stuff a basket could hide under. 😉


After opening our goodies, we ran an errand and then we pretty much relaxed and watched movies for the rest of the day, taking a break to eat yummy salmon.


It was nice to have a day of silliness before heading back to work today and starting on more school work. The last day of school is May 16th, though, so I’ve just got to get through the next couple weeks of craziness.

Out with the old, in with the new

Some of the highlights of our 2010

January: Moved into new apartment

Made our wedding invitations:

Did a little camping

Drove to Colorado to see my brother and sister-in-law tie the knot

Then we got married!!

Went on a mini-moon

Bought a place to live

Saw some stuff

Survived the holidays, even though I got really sick

Looking forward to a fantastic 2011!