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Oh, those imaginations!

With the cold finally settling in, we’re having to get more creative with how we spend our time around the house, and even though we’re guilty of spending a bit more time in front of electronics than I would like, the kiddo’s imaginations are definitely not suffering.  In fact, dare I say it, but their imaginations have actually benefited.


One game that Phoebe has been enjoying lately started somewhat by her brother, but ultimately was created after watching Paw Patrol. Enzo always insists on watching this one episode with a ghost (which ends up not even being a ghost at all), so we now have a new game that started up one day out of the blue.  The other morning when Phoebe padded out of her room in the with the sleep barely wiped out of her eyes, she looked at me and her eyes went big and she yelled, “Ghost!” I continued with the game and said, “Oh no!  What do we do?”  So she continued with the mock surprise and yelled, “Run! Hurry! Hurry!”  This morning Enzo pretended to be the ghost while chasing Phoebe who was first in my arms and then at one point in Josh’s arms while Enzo and I chased them both.

I wish I could remember all of what Enzo comes up with (because it’s awesome), but there are always a lot of details to keep track of.  It was funny, though, the other day in the car when I realized he was using ideas from Beauty and the Beast, and episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and a Harry Potter game that Josh picked up for the PS3.  See picture below:


It was a big story with 2 dinosaurs who happened to be brothers and then there was a spell and the big dinosaur was asleep so naturally the spell needed to be broken before the 3rd petal fell and he would be asleep forever.  So, Enzo waved his magic wand and sang Twinkle Twinkle and poof!  The spell was broken. Then unfortunately, another spell was cast and Enzo asked me to use my wand because, “You have the biggest wand I’ve ever seen.” I failed the first time and accidentally put the whole car to sleep, but after waving my wand and singing Itsy Bitsy, all was well.

They seriously just get more and more fun.


Toddler Talk

Mondays after a long weekend are the worst, aren’t they?  We had a very productive, but also fun weekend. Got to see family we don’t see very often and we rearranged the house a bit, did some decorating and tried to fit in some fun as well. That being said, I don’t have much in the way of motivation today, so how about some fun with what the kids have been saying/doing lately?  I need to keep better track because they crack me up.



He says “What the heck?” a lot. Apparently so do I.

“Last morning.”

Me: Enzo, do you need to go to the bathroom? (He was squirming).

Enzo: No… my underwear is just in my butt.

This weekend, I also got a text from Josh while I was out with Phoebe doing a little shopping and apparently Enzo had been asking for a treat so Josh told him he had to eat some blueberries and grapes first. He didn’t want to and said, “My mom will be so mad if you don’t give me a candy.”  Ha ha, nice try!



Says “Um” a lot. Not sure where she picked that up… hopefully not me?

“Mies from Morrowland!”  (Miles from Tomorrowland).

Still sings everything, especially her favorite theme songs. She’s really using a lot more gestures and facial expressions lately, though, which can be hysterical at times.

The other day Josh was trying to change her and she was not cooperating at all.  Finally I walked in to see what was happening and she was being a total goofball, so I said, “Phoebe, can you please let Daddy change you?” The stinker stopped moving and said, “Ok.”  Hahaha.


Love, love, love their personalities.  The awesome little moments make it all worthwhile.


I had one of those random moments today where I looked at Enzo and he seemed so much older than his 3.5 years.  My little boy did not seem so little, and a tiny part of me was reminded that someday he won’t really need me.  Okay, he’ll always “need” me on some level, but he won’t depend on me as much as he does now, and I had a glimpse of what this would be like this morning at the dentist.  Don’t get me wrong – it was incredibly helpful that I didn’t have to bounce back and forth between both kiddos since Phoebe had to be convinced to allow the hygienist to clean her teeth.  Still, though… one minute they’re dependent on you for everything and then they start to say, “I do it!” and then they are actually doing it without any assistance whatsoever.


I was really impressed with Enzo this morning as he hopped up on the table/chair/whatever and just casually started chatting and not once was he uncertain or did he need me.  I was so focused on trying to help with Phoebe that I suddenly realized I hadn’t checked on Enzo and he was just totally relaxed, watching TV while his teeth were cleaned. This of course helped a lot when it came to Phoebe as she could watch him and she always wants to do what Enzo is doing. (We ended up getting her some undies after this day in the photos when she insisted on wearing two pairs of Enzo’s underwear over her diaper. She’s a tad indecisive at times… not sure where she gets that from). 😉


On the downside, Phoebe also likes to mimic Enzo and his particular brand of preschooler cursing, so that’s fun (“No Poo Poo/Boo Boo/Bee Bee!” etc in the whiniest voice ever).  I also take no responsibility whatsoever for his new favorite exclamation “What the heck?!”  He’s also quite fond of Donald Duck’s signature phrase “Ah, phooey!” which is admittedly more child-friendly.  I’m really just more impressed that he uses these phrases at the appropriate times… so there’s that.  Now I’m curious as to what other sayings/phrases/words I overuse and which they’ll decide to point out.


In any case, they’re getting too big too fast, are sassy and are also cavity free.  We do, however, have to begin Operation Take Back the Nuk with Miss Phoebe as her teeth are becoming affected.  If you should hear something in the distance that sounds a little like someone’s heart being ripped out, fear not!  It’s probably just the soul-wrenching cry of our toddler being forced to walk around without her beloved nuk.

Things They Say (and Do)

There is never a dull moment… well, okay maybe there are a few here and there, but count on a kid to say or do something to end whatever quiet boredom you may have been experiencing.


Enzo has been talking a lot about birthdays lately… his in particular. I can only assume it’s because a friend had one at preschool?  He will randomly bring it up, though, and change themes.  Most often he is having a boat birthday and “you can come to my boat birthday if you want to!”  However, sometimes you’ll hear, “Phoebe, if you don’t stop, you’re not coming to my birthday party.”

His imagination is also thriving and the other night he kept having fake phone conversations on a TV remote that he was pretending was a phone.

“This is Paw Patrol, what’s wrong?”

Another thing we often hear him say is, “One day when I’m so much bigger…” or “One day when I’m a really big strong boy…”


As for Phoebe, she spends a lot of time singing still and also talking about Paw Patrol since her brother has gotten her hooked on it.  Her devotion to Minnie remains, however, so that is her main request. You can also count on her to ask for chocolate milk upon waking in the morning, but woe to you who puts it in the wrong cup because her shriek of disdain is ear piercing.

Since we’re working towards potty training her, she does talk about going potty and “poopin” rather frequently. The other day when I was at the table in fact, Enzo came over and suddenly said, “There’s poop on the floor, Mama.”  Huh? I looked down and sure enough, there it was.  And acting as innocently as can be was Phoebe who pointed at it just as surprised, even though her diaper was also discarded next to her.  Nice try, Phoebe.

Dr. Shoberg

With both their language skills progressing more and more, they seem to play much better together.  Granted, Phoebe refuses to ask nicely when it comes to them playing with him, so there’s still a little bit of sibling rivalry, but for the most part they have a really good relationship.  Both Josh and I had one of those heart bursting moments at the mall not too long ago…

Phoebe was playing on a toy and got off of it only to have another little boy climb on.  She tried to get back on and fussed, and we explained she needed to wait her turn.  After a minute he got off, and suddenly Enzo ran over (to take it we assumed), but then Phoebe ran over after him and he motioned her on it and said, “Phoebe, here you go! Quick!” and then he totally stared the other little boy down and held out his arms to block him when he tried to get too close.  I believe Enzo said, “You leave my Phoebe alone!” while throwing some major shade and protecting his little sister.

Ack!  So darn cute.  It’s moments like these we always hoped for.

Things They Say

I feel like Phoebe’s vocabulary has exploded and now she’s talking in short sentences a good deal of the time.  She mimics just about everything and good grief it’s adorable.  Like when she tries to get Enzo to chase her during dinner saying, “Come get me!” in her super sweet tiny voice that doesn’t quite have the pronunciation down yet.


Some other adorable things she’s saying:

  • “Where ____ go?” For a while it was constantly “Where Aubee go?” (Aubrey is her cousin).
  • “Ee you ater.” (See you later).
  • “I got it” or “I did it”.
  • “Chocolate milk”. Her version barely sounds like chocolate, but we unfortunately introduced her to the magical stuff and she’s addicted.  Mind you, she prefers the super sweet bought from the store kind in the brown jug.  If you try to pull out the white jug and add chocolate syrup expect a wee bit of a meltdown while you try to explain you are in fact getting her chocolate milk.
  • “I farted!” The joys of having an older brother…
  • Singing the ABC song. She misses some here and there, but loves to try and recite her ABC’s.
  • And my favorite: “Uv Oo.”  (Love you).


While Enzo already has a fairly big vocabulary it’s been fun watching him add to it and also use longer sentences as well as listen to how creative he can be.  He’s also been talking more about emotions lately and we’ve been trying to encourage him to express how he’s feeling.  Unfortunately, he’s been going through an “I’m scared” stage.  Sometimes I think he’s just stalling because it comes up when it’s time to go to preschool or time to go to bed, but at times I do think he’s maybe a little anxious or nervous about things.  When he’s not feeling scared, though, he’s usually very empathetic and if someone is sad he’ll try and think of something to make them “So much happy.”


  • So much potty talk still… sigh. Especially “Poopy Butt or Pee-pee Butt.”
  • “Watch this! Watch this!” His new favorite phrase.
  • “Buitar.” He won an inflatable guitar at the fair.
  • “Why?” My least favorite word.  Ha ha.

Recent conversations:

Me: “Why are you guys yelling?”

Enzo: “Because we like you, Mommy!”