16 Days!

You know, I knew we were forgetting something with all of this wedding planning business. Apparently you need this piece of paper called a marriage license. Whoops! We somehow completely forgot about this, so we’ll be going to get one tonight.

I’m not looking forward to all of the paperwork in our future. The week after we get married I’ve got bust my buns to change my name and get new documentation as quickly as possible – the rush? Well, apparently when you buy a house, they want you to have everything as updated and current and correct as possible, so I’ve gotten 3 emails this week reminding me that I need to get it done right away before closing. Duly noted.

Holy crap… my name is going to change. It was weird filling out my “new” name on the wedding application in the section that says “Names of Parties After Marriage” – it did fill me with giddy, girlish excitement at the same time, though.