Friday Wrap-Up and Rambles

Technically I’m writing this on Thursday because I’m taking the day off tomorrow… or rather, today. Since I can’t be on a beach somewhere warm with a cocktail in hand and a cool breeze, I’ll make do with a random day off with my husband. By the time this posts we’ll have been to breakfast, watched Deadpool and probably accomplished some adulting because responsibilities never go away.

I’m probably going to start sounding like a crazy cat lady soon, but it is what it is. Vega still has that new car smell, if you will. My hands are in need of serious help, though, and I’m this close to chopping off my hair if I end up with another claw hooked in my face. She’s really sweet… except for when she isn’t, and in typical kitten fashion she thinks all limbs and hair are toys and/or something to kill.


This morning we woke up to Enzo screaming because Vega had attacked his foot, which he must have been wiggling. About 15 minutes later, though, she was apparently as sweet as could be because we could hear Phoebe talking to her in her room.  It was really very sweet. Then Vega came back into our room and flopped on my chest with her butt on Enzo’s face and proceeded to give me a bath. Enzo thought it was hilarious and they are friends again.


Uzi is still not a fan of Vega’s and for the most part neither is Ziggy, though they both tolerate her orneriness.  Vega has already figured out that once Ziggy has gotten comfortable she is unlikely to move and will put up with almost anything, so that’s when she attempts to make friends.  I keep telling her once she stops chasing Uzi and Ziggy around they’ll be much more likely to let her snuggle, but in the meantime I think they’re all getting their needs met.  We are a house of furry, crazy, chaos.



21 Months

I feel like I just did a monthly update on our little girl, which just goes to show how quickly this summer is flying by.  This past month we’ve seen a lot more of Phoebe’s personality and she is becoming more independent – or at least is trying to become more independent.  She may not like to admit it, but she does actually still need us… especially for snuggles in the middle of the night.  Those we’re still doing, however, we’ve now had a couple of nights that she has remained in her crib until morning.  We’ve discovered that if Josh goes in instead of me she is more likely to go back to sleep… sometimes.  There are still those nights where she realizes it’s him and starts crying for “Mama” to come get her.


Aside from hating getting dressed… and often getting undressed, there are a lot of things she loves right now.  High on the list is Minnie Mouse.  She loves Minnie and would prefer it if it were Minnie Mouse Clubhouse, but she generally likes the entire Clubhouse gang and would watch that and only that every day.  She also likes pink… a lot.  She points it out and gets happy when I buy her pink things to wear. Ha ha.  On that note, she loves the pink shoes she got from her cousin Aubrey and gets excited anytime she gets new shoes now.  If she starts dancing around in front of you, it’s quite possible that it’s because she’s wearing new ones and wants you to notice them.


As far as eating goes, it’s very hit or miss with our gal.  What she loves one day she will pout and firmly say “No” to the next day.  She and her brother ate and entire container of strawberries the other day and she nearly finished off an entire container of blueberries all by herself before that.  One important thing I’ve learned is that she’s far more likely to eat something if she can serve herself, so if it’s a fruit or veggie, I try to give her that option.  She’ll also eat her weight in homemade mac n cheese and bacon. When she found out we were having breakfast for dinner last night, she immediately sat in her chair and would look at me expectantly and ask for bacon. I had to keep explaining dinner wasn’t quite ready yet. 😉


She still loves to dance and sing and has started counting.  She doesn’t get all the numbers in the correct order, but more or less she can count up to 13.  I heard her in the living room and went and peeked to see her moving the beads on the abacus as she counted.  She recognizes a lot of letters and shapes and is doing well with colors.  She often surprises me with something new she’s learned, and I’m sure having an older brother has helped a lot.  Thanks to Enzo being so polite lately, Phoebe has been especially good saying “Please” and “Thank you.”


It’s fascinating to watch her change… sometimes overnight.  Oh, how I love my sassy girl.

18 Months

Well, Miss Phoebe is a year and half old today.  Despite her lack of fear and propensity to launch herself off of couches, beds, her brother, and other tall surfaces, we have managed to keep her alive.  Time will only tell if we’ll avoid broken bones or otherwise before she’s 2.  Much like last month, Phoebe has continued to surprise us all (her teachers as well) with her communication skills.  She repeats everything, knows exactly what she wants, and is surprisingly easy to understand… most of the time.


We like to quiz her on her animals and Enzo often joins in as well asking her what sounds various animals make.  He likes to get tricky, though, and will ask her what sound a bald eagle makes or a giraffe.  She tries to copy us when we count, and will pretty much mimic anything that you do. Mostly amusing, but we’ll have to keep an eye on big brother.  He taught her to grunt loudly when she poops (which is harmless), but also encourages her to do things he’s been told not to. So it begins.


She loves to draw, she loves music and singing, and she loves to dance.  She also loves to be outside and it is always a great tragedy when it’s time to come in.  She loves to slide, but is also starting to enjoy swinging as well.  Jumping is also great fun, especially now that she can get both feet off the ground at the same time.


We sing a lot of songs (both kids love interactive songs) and occasionally Phoebe will try and sing them herself.  More often than not, though, she claps along and does hand movements and always says “Yay!” when you finish. If she’s having a day when she doesn’t want to be in the car, I can usually sing a song or ask Enzo to sing to her and she is then happily distracted.


What can I say?  She’s a clever, easy going girl.  She’s finally becoming less of a Mama’s girl, though is still often prone to jealousy if anyone but her is in my lap. I just tell her I have enough love for everyone, and hopefully one day she’ll be less possessive.  Funnily enough, Enzo gets rather possessive of her as well.  When other kids at preschool try to talk to her or hug her, he frowns and says, “That’s MY Phoebe!”  See, Phoebe?  You’re greatly loved. 😉

Happy Friday!

It’s Friday, which makes me happy no matter what, but today is extra awesome because we’re going to see The Avengers tonight! I can’t even remember the last time we went to an evening show. It’s also going to be a really nice weekend and warm enough to bust out some shorts, so what’s not to love?  I don’t even mind that it’s raining right now and that I’m going to get really wet when I run errands.


New Look!

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have a new banner!  I’m excited about it, and no, I did not draw it myself. I can’t draw to save my life and I think have lost every single game of Pictionary I’ve ever played.  I’m that bad at drawing. So, I have Jenny from Candy Face Creative to thank for my banner and fun schtuff!  She has a really cute Etsy shop with cards and custom portraits and other sweet print offerings.

I just felt it was time for something a little more fun that reflected me/us better since blogging has become a fun little hobby that I enjoy.  I’ve always liked journaling and since my memory is horrible right now, it’s nice to have an easy way to go back in time to remember a moment or where we went that one time.  I’ve also enjoyed connecting with new people from various places.  I’m an introvert so meeting people and actually making friends will never be an easy task for me, so it’s nice that the internet has made it very easy to find others with similar interests who in turn become acquaintances I might never have had the pleasure of coming in contact with otherwise.

Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for liking the new Facebook page as well!  I just thought it would be nice to keep the blog posts separate from my personal page… because.  I don’t expect to get hundreds and hundreds of followers, but it’s nice to separate the two so I can keep some things private and share other things more freely.