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Family Outing and the Stuff Kids Say

It’s been a few weeks now, but a weekend finally worked out where we could all go to the zoo together.  There are kangaroos temporarily there and the kids wanted to see them, so on a chilly day with rain on the horizon, off we went. Haha!

It’s also nice to have Josh there because then I don’t have to shuffle kids, a stroller, and coffee.  Enzo decided to bring his camera to the zoo that day too, so I need to grab it and see what he took pictures of!

It was a really nice, slow day without too many people, which means it’s perfect to walk on the Tropics Trail – especially when it’s chilly outside.  The kids can wander off, and Phoebe can run into at least a dozen people because that’s kind of just what she does.

As difficult as this age is at times, there are some pretty great moments.  The kids have been really into realistic imaginative play.  They like to set up a store and go shopping, or one night we set up a restaurant.  Not gonna lie, it’s one of my new favorite games.  The kids wanted to go out to eat after swim lessons, but that wasn’t happening, so Enzo actually had the great idea to play restaurant at home.  As soon as we got home, I set up a little table for them (with flowers too) and grabbed some “menus” and crayons and led them to their seat.

Phoebe kept calling me Restaurant instead of Waitress, so I finally convinced her to just call me Heather.  They loved ordering drinks (Enzo said he would have a beer) and Joe their friendly waiter served those while I took their food orders and set about preparing that.  They were both unbelievably polite – way more than they usually are in an actual restaurant – and it was adorable when they would ask Joe for something (Phoebe: Joe, can I go to the restroom?) or when Enzo told me quite politely “I think I forgot my wallet.”

We sent Joe out to the parking lot to see if he had dropped it next to his car and sure enough, Joe was able to find it. 😉  I wrote up a receipt and everything and ran Enzo’s card through, and even more adorable, I saw him grab a crayon to sign his receipt.  I had no idea they paid as much attention as they do when we go places, but sure enough… he knows the drill.

Phoebe wanted to pay as well, so she ran and grabbed her wallet and tried giving me her actual money telling me she wanted me to buy something nice. Haha!  Tempting…

The game isn’t old yet… last night Phoebe asked for an apron so she could cook me something to eat in her restaurant.  “Um, ma’am? Ma’am!  What do you want?”  Haha!  She’s full of “Yes, Ma’am’s” lately and it’s pretty cute. I realize I’m completely biased.  Enzo is full of sass and usually keeps us laughing as well.  He’s a big fan of knock-knock jokes right now, which reminds me of myself as a kid.  I remember buying a joke book and rainbow sherbet and being in heaven.

Simple things, right?  Some days I long for simplicity, though modern day conveniences are quite nice.

Or just a big kitty to snuggle… I’d be okay with a leopard too.

Things they say and do…

I can’t remember every little thing they do, but it’s nice (for me) to write down what I can now and then so I can look back later.


  •  Enzo
    • Wants to be a dinosaur when he grows up.
    • Has nightmares now and then, but has been able to tell us about them in more detail. The other night it was monster faces in his room. Only occasionally does he end up in our room, though.
    • Huge imagination! We’ll have a conversation about wildlife and suddenly he’s telling a story about how when he was a baby (how most of his stories begin) a skunk sprayed him and a squirrel stole all of his candy. Yesterday it was a giant who tried to eat him (and apparently succeeded) but then he also looked at Enzo afterwards and said, “Time for dessert!” and ate him again…
    • Quite the bossy pants and I have to often remind him he isn’t the parent when he tells Phoebe she can’t have any more TV if she does such and such. This morning he told her she couldn’t watch TV if she kept laughing. Yeah, not so much, Buddy.
    • Has discovered my least favorite game of all time – the Copycat game. I turn the tables on him, but he usually just thinks it’s funny and it doesn’t stop him.
    • Was worried we might move the other day and said he only wanted to stay in our house and anxiously asked if we would move. I told him not to worry about it for now. Poor boy likes change about as much as I do. 😉


  • Phoebe
    • Peeeeze!!! Just a little bit (Don’t forget the thumb and pointer finger pinched together for the full effect). Also the outraged scream when you have to say “No” for one reason or another.
    • No longer stays in bed when I leave her room if she’s still awake. Instead she climbs out and curls up with her head against the door, so when I try to go put her back in bed I can’t open the door… not until her demands are met and I agree to lay in bed with her again.
    • Loves My Little Pony and she has a ton now thanks to Josh’s thrift store finds. I had to go out and buy some new outfits for her because she became obsessed and NEEDED pony shirts.
    • Wants yogurt all day every day and every morning sits in my lap while she drinks her chocolate milk.
    • Is in the midst of potty training! It’s going fairly well during the day time, and yesterday was the first day without accidents!

I know it’s said all the time, but they really do grow up so fast. I can’t believe we’re not going to have any diapers to change soon and that soon Phoebe will be moving up into the preschool room at day care.  They won’t be in the same class, but will be seeing a lot more of each other. Sigh. Slow down!!


Things they say and do…

Oh, where to begin?  Enzo will be 4 in less than a month and Phoebe is well into the “Terrible” Twos. We’ve entered the land of crazy meltdowns, incapability to make decisions and stick with them, and straight up drama. Even Enzo has at times given me the look when Phoebe is having a moment and has sighed and slapped his head against his forehead.  They’re both finding their way, and it can be hard to remember that at times when we are up against things that seem to inconsequential and silly to us, but obviously means something more to them. Ah, perspective.



  • Is so incredibly self-sufficient.  It’s incredibly helpful right now since Phoebe is in that volatile stage, so being able to ask Enzo to go pick out clothes and get dressed is awesome. He also really wants to help Phoebe, but… Two.

Enzo: I can get your water Phoebe, because I’m 3 and I’m big and strong.

Phoebe: No! Mommy do it. Mommy’s bigger and stronger!

  • He is always making us laugh whether it be randomly breaking out into songs he know will get stuck in everyone’s head or other out of the blue phrases and silliness.
  • Is navigating the difficult waters of having a toddler sister. He is my introvert and needs alone time, and she… doesn’t care.
  • Is just as ready for warm weather as I am. I picked him up at preschool and he had rolled up his pants to make his own shorts.



  • Her vocabulary continues to grow and often it makes me laugh because her mannerisms are so like her brother. She looks up to him so much already, and I know that won’t change.
  • Where do I start with all the funny things she’s saying lately? She’s very much interested in everything, including the human body.  We went to Target and were in the bra section when she ran up to them yelling, “Boobies!” I corrected her and then she just wanted to wear the pink ones and said she wanted to get a bra for Enzo too. Ha ha!
  • She is my cuddle bug and I get no exercise in in the mornings any more because she wants to just snuggle as long as possible. Her latest thing is to say, “I no feel good. I lay down in Mommy’s bed and watch Mickey Mouse.” Little stinker. She’ll climb up and pat the bed next to her and say, “Sit down with me.”


Some days it’s rough, but I do so love this parenting gig.

Things They Say (and Do)

First, I’m ecstatic that tomorrow the high is supposed to be 55 degrees! I’d love to get out with the kids, but we have some stuff that needs to be done around the house and it’ll just be me in the afternoon through Sunday morning, so do I want to try and wrangle the kids by myself?  I’d hate to go anywhere that needs a stroller otherwise I’ll just be chasing them around like a lunatic with a stroller and unable to keep them under control. Let’s face it… all children go nuts the first time it gets this warm after months and months of winter.

We’ve had a fairly mild winter, but the kids haven’t been outside nearly enough, which I only just discovered the other day.  We also realized that this would account for some behavioral issues. We assumed they were being plenty active still and were probably allowing too much screen time.


I just found out from Enzo that there have been several days where movies have been watched and for Enzo that plus getting some screen time in the morning and evening is way too much. So, we’re cutting back and hoping his mood is better. I think even he realizes he’s had too much because he’s only argued a little bit and has been okay with more creative play.  Now if we could just get Josh off his phone. 😉


Phoebe is really such a typical girl and loves playing with dolls and houses. Enzo plays with her houses and Minnie stuff as well, but the bad guys are usually destroying it and his super heroes need to catch them.  They each have their own very creative ways of playing with the same toys.


Enzo is still very much wanting to read, so we need to get on that. The other day he wanted me to stop so he could try and read a sign, so we really need to work on helping him reach this next milestone. Phoebe likes to pretend to read books and when she can’t remember the words she’ll just make up words and sounds.


More than anything, though, they both have huge imaginations and play really well together, and by themselves.  It’s pretty fun when they ask for someone to play with, although, with Phoebe I’ve found it’s safer to just watch her. She’s very particular with how she plays and I usually do the wrong thing. My bad, Phoebe, of course the toilet goes in the kitchen and we are most definitely not playing with that Minnie, but the other Minnie, my bad.


There is always a method to their madness when it comes to play. An absolutely adorable method. They do sometimes get frustrated with each other when their ideas don’t quite mesh, but overall they’ve found a pretty good rhythm and there have only been a few Jerry Springer moments to speak of.


My favorite Enzo and Phoebe sayings lately, though?

Enzo: Did a full on “Heavens to Murgatroid!” at dinner when Phoebe did a big sneeze. It was amazing.

Phoebe: “Daddy hit me!” Yeah… she thinks it’s funny to say so-and-so (usually her friends) hit her or bit her, but then we had to have the It’s-only-funny-until-CPS-gets-called-on-daddy Talk. The fact that she has zero grace and always has cuts and bruises would not help her poor dad out.  Oh, kids.

Happy Friday!