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Week in Review – Kombucha and Sleep

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!


WEEKLY ACCOMPLISHMENTS (in no particular order)

  • Finally tried Kombucha… I know, I know. I’m not gonna lie, the Scoby thing freaks me out. It’s so alien, but I’m going to get over how much I want to gag when looking at one and see about making our own. I’m a convert.

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  • Started rearranging and organizing various closets (mostly the kiddos’).
  • Started sleep “training” the kids to fall asleep without a parent in the room. Phoebe has been far more open to the idea than Enzo. This is probably our biggest accomplishment of the week and hopefully as time passes, Enzo will also do the same.
  • Got out of the house and went to the zoo, and didn’t immediately leave when we saw how crazy busy it was. Seriously, we have never seen lines like that before.

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  • After the zoo, we stopped at Sonic with the kids and let them watch Inside Out while we ate. Not so much an accomplishment unless you count the fact that fries were only spilled once and there was minimal drink spillage.

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  • Finally watched The Martian – I read the book ages ago, and heard great things about the movie. I thought it was well done, if a little slow at times, but so was the book.

And just because… Ziggy chasing a lazer… sort of.

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Week In Review – Love a Lazy Week…end

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!


WEEKLY ACCOMPLISHMENTS (in no particular order and with very few pictures because it was that kind of week)

  • Did those cleaning tasks that rarely get done like washing curtains and cleaned the carpets! Why do we not do this more often?  The living room carpet looks much better, but still needs another go in the spring.
  • Bought Downton Abbey, and now I only have 2 episodes left to watch.

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  • Went to sleep at 8:00 on Wednesday. Woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a couple of weeks. I think I’ll be making it a weekly habit.
  • Finished reading another book – that’s 7 for January! Looks like my goal of 50 books this year will not be an issue. Granted, there’s always more time in the winter for reading.
  • Made some blondies, but we ate them all, so you’ll just have to pick up your own box from Trader Joe’s.
  • Relaxed a lot because lots of stress means you need to relax on the weekend.

Painting from Heather Shoberg on Vimeo.

Post Party

Well, Josh’s birthday party was a hit! Everyone has kept saying what a good time they had, and I’m glad everyone had fun. I put together another slideshow because that’s what I do. :p As you’ll notice we had sumo suit wrestling, a pinata and even a silly raffle. The cake ended up being amazing as well, so I was incredibly thrilled about that because I had bought the tiny action figures especially to put on the cake and Cora (from created exactly what I wanted.

All in all, it was an excellent weekend, as you can see from the photos – we took about 300! Ha ha. I however, am still worn out and excited about so many things – like how fun it’s going to be to plan my wedding! Yay!

*I fixed the music – I don’t know where that gap of silence came from…*

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Ho hum

It’s so hard to come back to reality when you’ve been on vacation for over a week. I’m slowly getting back in the swing of the things, but yesterday was difficult – my first day back at work at both jobs. As can be expected I had a full inbox and I’m still working through it. I did, however, have time on Monday to put together a slide-show from our trip to Colorado. I may go back and tidy it up a bit, but for now, here is the link.

2009 Road Trip from Heather Pennington on Vimeo.

We had such a good time and I wish we could have stayed longer. I didn’t get to see half the people I wanted to and didn’t get to spend enough time with those we did get to see. It was also nice to do a few things I hadn’t done before and Josh got to see some new sites and do some touristy things he had never gotten the opportunity to do before including going to Mesa Verde, the hot springs in Pagosa and riding the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, which thankfully we decided to only do one way. I had forgotten what a long trip it is.

I don’t think I’ve cried or laughed so much in a while, though. What a mix of emotions on this trip! It looks like my little brother might beat me to the altar, but I couldn’t be happier for him and Crystal getting engaged. I wasn’t expecting that surprise when we stepped out of the car! I cried – what a girl! Then sadly, Buddy the family dog was put to sleep a couple days later, so that definitely put a damper on things. He was a good dog and had a long life, though. That is the worst part about having pets – watching them go. On the plus side, after spending as much time as we did in the car we didn’t have any arguments – just me getting irritable at times or plain crazy after being couped up in a moving vehicle for so many hours. I got pretty squirmy towards the end. :p

It’s pretty amazing that we’ve never had an an actual “argument” or “fight” in the almost two years we’ve been dating. We might have come close once or twice to arguing, but that’s it. Mostly Josh is just awesome and lets me have space when I’m irritable or grouchy or tries to make me laugh which may or may not work. :p He’s definitely had a calming effect on me, and my mood swings are less frequent, or at the very least they don’t last as long. I’m a lucky girl to have found such a good man. He’s calm and doesn’t get angry or yell and doesn’t take his irritations or frustrations out on anyone else (something I need to work on a lot), he’s understanding, and fun, and everything a girl could want. Josh – I love you. 🙂