Reading… Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

Watching (on TV)… Game of Thrones, Girls, Call the Midwife (its back!!!)

Watching (movies)… Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Light Between Oceans

Listening to… A little bit of everything in order to put together some mixes for our road trip.  A road trip goes so much better with good tunes.

Drinking… Smoothies, Coffee, Tea, not as much wine

Eating… Too many April Fools Cupcakes. I’m kind of glad they’re all gone now. Ha!

Planning… Warm weather projects, both inside and out.

Feeling… Excited and happy!

Organizing… Not much really. I have things I need to organize, but I’ll wait until we get home.

Thankful… That it is almost vacation time!  We didn’t go anywhere last year, so this vacation is long overdue!

Loving… How much better I feel when I take my Super B12 B Complex. I have more energy and I feel like my mood is improved a lot as well.

Smiling… At the massive amounts of art the kids bring home each day.  For a while, Phoebe was the artist, but Enzo has started drawing a lot lately (people especially) and creates fantastic stories to go with them like the one about a potato and two mad guys.

Thoroughly enjoying… That it is spring!  We’ve been opening the windows and enjoying some amazing sunrises.


Reading… An Echo in the Bone, The Hypnotist’s Love Story

Watching… Game of Thrones, This Is Us. We finished the OA on Netflix and were both incredibly letdown by the last episode.  I’m not sure we’ll even bother with the 2nd season after that.

Listening to… Music on our Amazon Dot.  It’s a nice way to mix up the evening… except both kids will sneakily change it when I leave the room.

Drinking… Nothing special. Trying to cut back on coffee still. We just started taking a Vitamin B complex hoping that will help boost our energy and all of that good stuff and in turn make it easier to cut out caffeine.

Eating… Trying to fit in more salads and healthy stuff.  Slowly, but surely, right?

Planning… We have officially narrowed down the dates of our spring road trip. Now to let everyone know and beg our friends and family to watch our cats/house. 😀

Feeling… Mostly just tired but also a little antsy.

Organizing… Absolutely nothing. I know I need to, but I have barely been in my office downstairs this week.

Thankful… For sunshine and warmer temperatures!

Forgiving… Myself for being a bit lazy lately. Sometimes you just need a little downtime and with luck I’ll get a boost of motivation soon!

Looking forward to… Tomorrow. I am going to try out a float tank aka Sensory Deprivation Tank!



I started filling this out earlier in the day, but as the day has progressed I’m going to have to give the day and perhaps January the following rating:

Reading… Mr. Mercedes, The Book of Speculation, Raising Your Spirited Child

Watching… The OA, Moana videos over and over per the kids

Listening to… Moana soundtrack… over and over per the kids

Drinking… Way too much coffee. I think it’s time to cut back and drink more tea and water.

Eating… All of the comfort foods, especially Banana Bread when I make the time to actually make it.

Planning… Our Spring road trip!!

Feeling… A mix of emotions. I don’t necessarily feel unmotivated, but I feel like I have energy that I don’t know what to do with.  I don’t know what exactly I want to be doing, and can’t seem to stay focused on much. Reading I can do, though, so I do a lot of that.

Exercising… Yeah, one of these days when I have time and motivation.

Loving… My new office switch-up. I’m sure I’ll love it even more once I get everything where it needs to be.

Thankful… That the kids have been doing really good at their new preschool, but also glad that insurance agreed to approve Enzo’s Occupational Therapy.  He’s excited about it and I’m hoping it’ll help us all.

Stressed… Because our car is dead. Now to talk to our dealership and see what deal they can work out with us because we still owed money on our 5-year-old car.  A total freak thing random thing. Not sure what’s up with our recent run of bad luck…

Trying… To remain optimistic. There must be a silver lining in this.

Wish us luck on the car front and Happy Weekend all!



(Haha – I don’t even have any current photos to use today.  I suppose I should get on that… eventually).

Reading… Still mainly reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

Watching… Poldark, The Crown, Westworld

Listening to… Music on our Amazon Dot.

Drinking… Tis the season for Egg Nog!  Sweet delicious awesomeness.

Eating… So many fattening, not very good for you treats that tend to be everywhere this time of year.

Planning… So many things. What to read next year, the massive road trip we want to take, and oh yeah, a New Year’s Eve game night.

Feeling… COLD. The temperatures have dropped and winter is here.  We got around 8 inches of snow over the weekend and lovely hoarfrost everywhere.  I do love the way it looks on the trees.

Exercising… Not even a little bit.  I’m too busy and cold and will get to that next month.

Organizing… my office… again. We are rearranging the downstairs yet again.  What can I say? It’s a sickness. Haha!

Thankful… For a great deal.  It’s so easy to think about what you don’t have or what is difficult, but in reality there is so much more to be thankful for.

Loving… Snuggling up under twinkle lights with a book, baking yummy treats, snuggles with the munchkins who get extra cozy when it’s cold out.

Looking forward to… November 2017. We are registered for Tol-Con and are planning to fully immerse ourselves into Middle Earth.  I’m thinking with so much time I might try and put together both of our costumes completely from scratch.


The leaves are gone, so I’d better post these fall pictures before fall is over.


Reading… Empire of Storms, In the Unlikely Event, and about to start A Breath of Snow and Ashes – it’s official, I’m an Outlander FAN. I’ve joined a group on Facebook and everything.

Watching… Poldark, Supergirl (Enzo is also a fan)

Listening to… Pandora… everything from classical and chakra clearing to Sia and beyond.

Drinking… Tea!  I’ve been sticking to one cup of coffee in the morning and tea the rest of the day if I need something hot.

Eating… Gingersnap cookies – Took Phoebe to IKEA, she hated the snack I brought her and insisted on a tin of Gingersnap cookies instead. Diva.

Planning… The next 2 months. They go by fast and there’s always a lot to do. Doctor’s appointments, get-togethers, you name it.

Celebrating… The day of Phoebe’s birth (on the 12th). How can she be three???

Exercising… Not nearly as often as I should. I’ve started doing some yoga with the kids, though, and their flexibility is far greater than mine.

Organizing… The kids rooms especially, but I want to get a handle on toys everywhere too.

Appreciating… The nice weather we’ve been having! We were in short sleeves… in November… in Minnesota!!

Loving… Reading, I’ve been doing a lot less TV watching so I can read more. I haven’t even really felt the urge to watch anything lately.

Looking forward to… Purging and organizing!!  I want to deep-clean before the cold sets in and fully

Pondering… My next steps and how to finish a few things before the end of the year.

Nervous… About the kids starting at a new preschool.  Change is hard, but I’m hopeful. I think the hardest change will be on our bank account. Kind of amazing that they had availability, though, when other places I looked have waiting lists through September 2017. I call it a sign.