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Currently… October

Reading… The Shining… only during the day, of course

Watching (on TV)… Stranger Things (again)

Playing… Spooooky games for Twitch and Vampyr when I can

Listening to… Moody mixes and songs to dance to

Drinking… Warm drinks and hard cider

Eating… Birthday cake

Planning… Parties, Vacations, Solo Getaways, you name it

Creating… A Demogorgon, obviously

Practicing… Pole and flexibility

Trying… To spread my wings and not fall

Looking forward to… next year

Enjoying… No humidity and fewer allergies!

Feeling… All the feelings.  I’m a roller coaster of emotions!!

Demogorgon teeth… just about 100 more to go. 


Is this a return to blogging?  Not sure yet.  Either way… it’s something.

Currently :

Reading… The Dog Stars, The Arthurian Saga (on Book #3)

Watching (on TV)… The Second Season of a Handmaid’s Tale, The Curse of Oak Island

Playing… Don’t Starve, Stardew Valley, The Forest and as of tonight, Detroit : Become Human!!

Listening to… A variety of tunes, can’t seem to make up my mind what I want to hear, so I listen to everything on Spotify.

Drinking… Too much coffee, Sparkling water, Dark beers, Sweet wines

Eating… A few too many snacks of late.  Gotta switch it up!  Craving lots of grilled veggies and stuff, though!

Planning… Some fun crafts/cosplays, creating an outside living space on our deck

Wearing… Summer clothes!! I think we skipped spring entirely…

Enthusiastically… Picking up my camera again here and there, getting outside, finding myself in things that I love (dancing, baking, reading, creating, and so many other things).

Trying… To create better habits and routines.  I’ll get there.

Looking forward to… Summer activities like camping, pub crawls, picnics, yard work, Ren Fest, hikes, fairs, the works.

Enjoying… My weekly pole classes.  I need to push myself to be better about practicing during the week at home, though.  It’s my favorite time to just be myself and get away from everything. I’ve always enjoyed dance.

Disliking… The Freaking Frustrating Formidable Fours.  Who knew my little lady would develop such sass and attitude over the past couple of months?  I’m hoping a switch flips when she hits five.  Oy vey.

Feeling… “… stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”


Well, another month has gone by, so here we go…

Reading… The Return of the King, The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

I think I’m going to work my way through all of the Tolkien books that I have, but I can never read just one book at a time and started The Readers of Broken Wheel, which is really good so far. Its light, which I feel like is perfect for right now and also inspired me a bit.

Watching (on TV)… Getting ready for Outlander!!

I am a full blown fanatic.  I would honestly re-read the books right now if I didn’t have so many others on my plate already.  #bookwormproblems

Watching (movies)… Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Finally watched it this month!  Now I really want to go see IT as well, though.  The original creeped me out so much when I was a kid and now I feel like I have to see the remake.

Playing… This Is the Police, Lego: Jurassic World

Josh and I have been playing Lego: Jurassic World together, but I can never stick with just one game and bounce around a lot and wanted to try out This Is the Police for Twitch streaming tonight.

Listening to Thumping bass.

There is a street fair/festival/something happening this weekend in the town where I work, and apparently they’re starting up already!

Drinking… Coffee, coffee, coffee!!

Hot, Iced, you name it.  I’m sure I’ll switch more to tea as we get into fall as tea has always been more of a fall drink for me.

Eating… Not as much junk, but probably more than I should be.

The story of my life.

Wearing Layers.

The leaves are changing and while this week has cooled down, I’ll be back in summer clothes next weekend as the temps are supposed to go back up.

Trying To start up some healthier mental and physical habits.

We’re attempting to get to the gym more, eat better, but also cut down on distractions like various screens and social media things like that.

Wanting A new comforter/duvet

Our current comforter has been destroyed by the cats over time and it’s just awful now.  Plus it doesn’t match anymore, so I’m on the hunt. I think I found the perfect one for Josh and I, but it’s a little spendy and I’d have to make sure to get a throw blanket to ensure the cats don’t destroy it.  SIGH.

Looking forward to… Fall!

Well, sort of.  I’ve been having a more difficult time getting into the changing season, but I’ve been reminding myself of all the good things. Walks that don’t leave me dripping with sweat, more blanket snuggles, tea and hot cocoa, fall colors, Halloween!

Thoroughly enjoying… Hearing all about Enzo’s kindergarten experiences.

His first week has gone swimmingly and I think he’s going to grow up a lot this year.  He’s been a tad excited and therefore really amped up, but I think things will settle in a week or so.  Phoebe, on the other hand is having a rougher week with her transition into the preschool room at day care.

Disliking… Tantrums and rough bedtimes.

Need I say more?

Feeling… All over the place.

A little anxious, but trying to focus on gratitude and staying optimistic.


Reading… The Two Towers, Tell the Wolves I’m Gone

Watching (on TV)… Game of Thrones, The Great British Bake-Off, Glow (just finished)

Watching (movies)… Wow… I can’t think of any that we’ve watched recently.

Playing… Broken Age, Indigo Prophecy

Listening to… Silence, but I should put on some Spotify or something before I get tired.

Drinking… Coffee, coffee, coffee!!

Eating… Too much junk… again. Story of my life.

Wearing… Layers.  August weather can be crazy at times.

Deciding… What to wear for tonight.  It warmed up, but it might be too chilly to wear my original planned outfit.

Wanting… More time!!  How is there never enough?

Looking forward to… Renaissance Festival time!  I’m a dork and this year we are absolutely dressing up. Any excuse to dress in costume, right?

Feeling… Excited to go out with Josh tonight to MST3K Live!

Dreaming… Of all the things I’ll do once we win the lottery/start working for ourselves.

Searching… For random toys that Phoebe doesn’t know where she put.  Last time I couldn’t find the flashlights, I found them in our closet with her “buried” treasure, so maybe I’ll look there.

Thoroughly enjoying… Watching Enzo take on more responsibility here and there and having him be more snuggly.

Disliking… Tantrums.


Currently :

Reading… The Fellowship of the Ring

Watching (on TV)… The Great British Baking Show

Watching (movies)… Split. James McAvoy’s acting was the only reason to watch the film.  Otherwise… plot holes and various other little things that didn’t work.

Playing… Lots of video games. Haha!  I got my own PS4 (isn’t it pretty??) and I’ve joined Josh’s side project Rapscallion Brigade, which means I stream on Friday nights, but also means I’m watching other people play video games a lot too.  Haha!  No wonder I’m not getting any reading or TV watching in.

Drinking… Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee, Wine, Gin, and lots of water

Eating… Protein… and jelly beans. I love those little suckers so much.

Looking forward to… Next Saturday when Josh and I go on a little nerdy adventure.  He surprised me with tickets to the annual Little House on the Prairie pageant for our anniversary, so we’ll be heading to Walnut Grove and letting me live out some of my childhood dreams.

Feeling… Lucky, joyful, tired, happy, excited, positive, hopeful, playful, busy

Organizing… The kids’ rooms again.  They are back to separate bedrooms for a few reasons.  We’re having some growing pains with both of them and I’m hoping this will help. 

Loving… Our little Bearded Dragon.  He’s a fun addition to the house and despite that he’s actually a tad high maintenance, it hasn’t stopped me from wanting to add to our pet family.

Thoroughly enjoying… Honestly? A lot of things. I’m trying not to let as many things bother me and in general I’m not as stressed as I used to be. I’m a ray of sunshine!  😀