Week in Review – The One Where I Tried to Be Healthier…

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

It’s been a fairly busy week leading up to our vacation, and this week in particular I decided I’d try to be a little extra healthy in anticipation of eating while traveling.  Sure, I’ve stocked up on healthy snacks, but let’s face it… when you’re on vacation you tend to not always eat your best and it is what it is.  So I figured I’d try out some different juices and things this week. That’s a good enough way to hopefully cut down on some bloat and avoid carbs and all that good stuff…. it didn’t go as planned.

This juice was surprisingly very tasty and delicious.  It also gave me false hope because not all juices are created equally.

This juice showed me that I don’t do grass.  I am not a rabbit or a cow or any other grass eating mammal and therefore should not be drinking grass because it tastes like…well, ass.

I had to eat a Kit-Kat bar to get the taste out of my mouth.  You win this round Overly Healthy Green Juice.

I can’t even believe it’s actually April, and I flipped my work calendar this week.

Over the weekend I took a lot of photos for an upcoming Day In The Life Post, because it’s that time again!

The most exciting part being the new bikes I picked up for the kids.  It’ll take some getting used to, especially for Phoebe since the bike she wanted is a tad taller than Enzo’s and she’s just a little small still.  They may have been more excited for their helmets… which Enzo wore on his almost too tiny trike while he waited for his big bike.

Honestly, I’m just excited that both kids (Enzo especially) hopped on the new much taller bikes with zero fear. Even when Enzo crashed, he got back on again, which is such a huge step for him. He used to be terrified to even ride down the driveway because of the slight incline.

Finishing up the weekend, our house/cat sitters came over to go over the ropes on the cats needs.  So grateful to have friends and family who willingly watch over the cats and house while we’re away.

Week In Review – Unicorn Poop Edition

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

Last week was a semi-productive one, mostly in terms of planning/prepping for our upcoming road trip.  When it comes to trips I tend to go a little crazy with lists and spreadsheets and planning.  I’m fine with a certain amount of spontaneity, but I like to be sure we have the basics covered.

I also went and grabbed cupcakes from Nadia Cakes since they do special ones for April Fools.  Unicorn Poop is the favorite.

We also finally got around to watching Fantastic Beasts this week.  One of the hardest parts of having kids is finding time to have dates and most importantly go to the movies. I can’t wait until they’re older.

As usual, the majority of the week seemed to take place the weekend.   I took the kids to get haircuts, or rather a haircut for Enzo and a little trim for Phoebe as she kept correcting me since she didn’t want to mistakenly get too much taken off.

Then we went to get shoes as they’ve outgrown a lot and they need some summer ones. Enzo really didn’t care, but Phoebe couldn’t decide which pair and ended up on several. Admittedly, these little heels are adorable.

We then went to the zoo since it was a gorgeous day and to hopefully see some farm babies. Alas, everyone else had the same idea and it was PACKED.

Enzo does really well with sticking close, but Phoebe still has a tendency to wander off and then with the crowds, get freaked out if she loses sight of me, so I wasn’t too bummed when the kids asked if we could leave and go get ice cream.

Sunday we finally got around to doing our taxes.  Normally we don’t wait until April, but… whoops. Needless to say the second you sit down to do something important that is when the kids want your undivided attention.

Have a Happy Monday everyone!

Week(end) in Review – Game Night Edition

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

So it’s really just the weekend in review rather than the whole week, but that’s mostly because Josh and kids were getting over various illnesses and who wants to relive that?  The fun really began on Friday when friends from Wisconsin came to stay for the weekend.  I also tested the new little camera I picked up with my surprise bonus.  I wanted something that was lighter for traveling with and I think my little Sony A6000 is going to be just what I need once I get used to it.

TV watching or game playing… who knows.  I’m loving that it’s getting lighter outside each day.

Since I’m allergic to bunnies, I may never actually get to have real ones… I’ll have to be happy with fake ones on the table in the meantime.

Munchies and stuff for game night!

Hello, Kendra and Tyler!  (Or Skyler as Phoebe kept calling him). Haha!

Chip sneak!  Better than his sister who snuck I don’t know how many cupcakes and proceeded to only lick the frosting off them.

I soaked these cherries in Amaretto for 24 hours and then dried them and dipped them in white chocolate candy coating and sprinkles.  So potent and good!!

The taco dip also went fast, as did the Buffalo Chicken wraps I forgot to get pictures of.

The first game played before other people arrived (and the kids’ favorite).

Think Uno… only with poop.  You have to try not to clog the toilet. So gross, and perfect for any kid.

This picture was as the night was beginning to wind down, I believe.  If you’re looking for games to play, though, Betrayal at House on the Hill is always a fun one. Utter Nonsense got a lot of laughs, as did Joking Hazard.  Wow… I’m not sure if we actually got around to any other games besides those… if we did, it’s slipped my mind.

Anyway, it was a good weekend and we need more game nights.  Happy Monday!

What a week…

I was going to do a week in review yesterday, but didn’t get around to it.  It’s been busy overall, but the really fun stuff has only been happening over the past few days.  Josh is limping the van to a mechanic today – thankfully only for a new tire, but it’s still a pain. I’ve never gotten a flat tire or had to change a tire in my life… and we don’t know how we got this flat. It was just suddenly flat when I went into the garage to warm it up.

Anyhoo… there’s that.  Friday wasn’t so bad because the kids’ day care was closed, so I worked a half day from home that morning.

We’ve watched Moana a couple times over this past weekend. Haha!  It was cold out, so we decided to go to the zoo because in my infinite wisdom I figured it wouldn’t be that busy on a Friday afternoon. Wrong!  I don’t know how many kids were there on field trips, but there were a lot on top of what I would consider the typical mom and kiddo groups.  We found a decent spot for some people watching, though.

My popcorn was fiend was satisfied for a while and then we made the rounds through the Tropics Trail (yay warmth!).

The kids wanted to get ice cream, so I compromised and told them we could go to Target and do some shopping and pick up whatever treats they wanted there.  Phoebe used her red Popsicle as lipstick.

Josh had to work really late Friday night and then early again Saturday morning, and on top of that Enzo woke up not feeling well, so I figured it would be a low-key day.  At some point we took his temperature and discovered it was 102 degrees. I can’t remember the last time he was this sick…

Clearly a fever calls for another movie in bed, right?  I thought so too.

Sunday was a lot more of the same, though I tried to get a few things done around the house as well.  One thing after another, and it’s only Tuesday and I wish it were Friday.  Time to pull up my big girl britches and get through the week… and the month.  Let’s do it!

Week in Review – Outside and Inside

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

The week was another interesting one, so prepare for utter randomness!  Monday started off fairly normal – the weather was nice and all seemed well until about dinner time when Phoebe randomly puked all over the kitchen floor.  It ended up not being an isolated event and happened 3 more times that night… which meant lots of sheet and pajama changes.  Poor lady.  I kept her home with me Tuesday morning and we watched movies while I worked.

Thankfully it was a short lived bug, though, and I ended up taking a half day as she was feeling rather active by lunchtime and there was no way I was getting anymore work done. So we went for a walk!

It was chilly with the wind, but so nice to get outside and even nicer that Phoebe made it almost the entire walk without needing to be carried. I knew I was taking a risk not bringing a stroller just in case. Ha!

It was Tuesday night or Wednesday when Josh started to feel under the weather.

At that point I was just crossing my fingers that Enzo and myself would be spared, and thankfully we were.

In other events on Friday night, Phoebe had a sleepover in Enzo’s room, which they were both very excited about and we had high hopes that it might help them both sleep better if they weren’t alone.

Phoebe still woke up at around 9:00pm, but she laid back down in bed and didn’t wander into our bedroom until 4am!  Success!  We’ve been keeping it up and Phoebe still wanders into our room, leaving Enzo to ask each morning where she went, but we talked to the kids and we’re going to make the switch more permanent and turn Phoebe’s room into a playroom.

With everyone’s appetites being all over the place a lot of my dinners looked like this…

What’s not to love about Girl Scout Cookie cereal?

Saturday I got the kids out of the house, and since it was still pretty cold out we went to an indoor play area where we hung out for a couple of hours and went and got ice cream as well.  It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, these kids will always ask for ice cream.

Sunday was a very lazy day, which I’m okay with and I played games with my mom, brother and sister-in-law via the computer.

That’s a wrap!  How was your week?  Happy Monday!