A spring in my step

I think it must be the weather, but lately even when I don’t feel all that energized, I still feel like I need to move and it’s a good feeling. The sun comes up early and even if I still want to sleep, I enjoy seeing those first rays of sunshine that peek up over the horizon and listening to the birds singing outside. The kids enjoy it too and often want to go outside right away once they see the sun is up. Admittedly I don’t always mind drinking my cup of coffee outside, unless it’s wet out, which it has been most mornings. Thankfully the deck gets the majority of our sun and nobody has to wait for long to get outside.


Since it always gets so hot in the afternoons during the summer, I’m thinking of going on morning walks with the kids on the weekend. It’s a good way to start the day and I love how quiet everything tends to be in the early hours. Even thinking about it and looking outside gives me a bounce in my step. I’m not a runner (AT ALL), but lately I’ve had the urge to run and when we were camping and Enzo and I started to get rained on we both ran/jogged and it felt surprisingly good. My knees always ache after running, but it was kind of freeing to run in the rain with him.  I’ve noticed on days where I get in my lunchtime walk I just tend to feel a bit more energized the rest of the afternoon and less irritable. Amazing what a little movement, fresh air and sunshine (or apparently even rain) will do for the soul.


Week in Review – Cupcakes and Ikea

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

WEEKLY RANDOM ACCOMPLISHMENTS (in no particular order)

  • Getting some extra sleep in. My body clearly needed it after falling asleep with Phoebe at 7:30 on Monday night and then when Josh tried to wake me up I just kind of stumbled into our bed and seriously did not want to move. I was half asleep as he laughed and turned off lights for me and don’t think I moved again until 4:00 or so.
  • Worked on the downstairs some more. It’s a constant thing right now as I figure out where to move stuff.

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  • Went to Ikea with Phoebe to get a rug (they have the best cheap ones) for my office and we got the kids an easel with the money we got from selling their other drawing table that they fought over and didn’t use that often.

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  • Went for my first lunchtime walk of the year and… got hives. HIVES again. It looks like one of my main triggers is the cold, and Cold Uriticaria is a thing. Anywhere the cold wind really hit had hives or was puffy and itchy and red like my arms, my chest and my scalp. Awesome. On the plus side, I now have a valid reason to move somewhere warmer!
  • Spent way too much money on delicious April Fools cupcakes. The Unicorn Poop ones were definitely worth it.  They were all kinds of rainbowy goodness.  So many good flavors!  Red Velvet (with or without glass) is always a favorite, though.


  • Showed Phoebe the joys of shelling peas. Once Enzo heard how much fun she was having, he joined us at the end. Granted, they still didn’t want to eat the Shepherd’s Pie that the peas went into. 😉

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

  • Finished reading Winter by Marissa Meyer and then sort of watched Crimson Peak. Alas, I didn’t think it was all that great.  I love Tom Hiddleston, but don’t like a lot of gore and the story wasn’t all that great either.
  • Put on my Fitbit again.  I haven’t been using it as regularly lately, and now with the weather starting to warm up I’m feeling inspired to do more walking and work on getting my steps in. I got over 12,000 on Sunday!

And that’s all I got.  Let the week begin!

Probably just the plague…

Okay, maybe that’s a tad over dramatic, but as of now I only feel like I’m slightly exaggerating. Okay, it’s really not that bad, I just happen to have caught the cold that is making the rounds pretty much everywhere and my head is stuffed and I’m achy and my ears are plugged and I kind of want to just sleep.  I blame part of this on Daylight Savings.  Phoebe was doing so good with bedtime, and now?  She won’t stay in bed and is back to waking up and needing me to crawl into bed with her.


She’s lucky she’s cute.  Enzo is still hit or miss at bedtime, but is having more good nights where has long as the door is cracked wide open and we have to tiptoe around he will stay in bed. Phoebe, on the other hand has been getting out of her bed and will try and open her door, find it closed and then start calling, “Mommy?” When that doesn’t work she starts knocking on the door.  Thankfully last night she did agree to stay in her bed like Enzo if I left the door (actually) just cracked. They were finally out by 8:30.


I’m really hoping to just kick this cold soon as it’s made a mess of the week and any meal plans have been thrown out the window and we actually ate donuts and strawberries for dinner one night. I had zero energy and figured Enzo’s idea was good enough for me. The past few nights Phoebe has said she doesn’t feel good either so we’ve been hanging out in my bed watching Mickey Mouse while the boys play video games. They each get what is supposed to be about half an hour, but that’s been a bit more this week.  Thankfully we’re in for a busy weekend, though, so we’ll be out and about.


 Also… how is it Thursday already?  At least only more day in the work week!

Probably going to ramble…

January is always a weird month.  It’s typically slow after months of being busy, and it’s also usually the coldest month.  It’s also generally the time of year my body decides to get sick. All things considered, it’s really only been a meh kind of month this year. I’ve been having some tension headaches (I think), but also have been experiencing some vertigo, so probably something going on with my ears or mild migraines? I do sometimes get the flashing light sensation. However, I don’t know that migraines are mild?  Maybe I’m just dehydrated…


I haven’t really been taking photos as often lately, so these are a little old. I do have some I need/want to sort through on my computer, but at the same time I just feel meh and don’t really feel like sitting in my cold office and doing anything. I can’t even tell you how many nights I’ve just wanted to stay curled up in Phoebe’s bed after she falls asleep even though it’s only 8:00. I get up tired and cold and any motivation falls by the wayside as I curl up in bed with a book or a TV show and 1-3 cats. There are so many things I want to do and need to do, but just don’t have it in me lately.


We haven’t gotten out much, though we did get out for a bit this past weekend to see an Ice Castle. The kids got cold fairly quick, though, despite being bundled up like marshmallows and neither of them wanted to walk. My camera battery died after a couple of pictures and it wasn’t long before Enzo asked to go home. There was a lot of fussing and whining while we tried to get them out of snowsuits with our own hands frozen and I may have had a moment where I kind of lost my head for a moment – yelled really loudly (which did get everyone’s attention), but also felt a tad embarrassed when I realized my door was open and there were lots of other families in the parking lot. Not my finest moment. We probably should have waited for a warmer day, but the previous 2 or 3 weekends have been spent in the house and I needed out.


I think it’s just my typical seasonal funk and I have to deal with it as I do every year. Granted, we’ve had some extra stress so that doesn’t help things either. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and am allowing myself to just be meh for the rest of the month. Come February I’m going to give myself a stern talking to and make some changes. I’ve been a tad too lenient with myself and allowed myself to wallow and procrastinate long enough. So, time to make the most of the rest of this week and binge watch some more Grey’s Anatomy and Downton Abbey because you know I picked up the full season today and can now finish it at a much more desirable pace.


This isn't even actually recent... I really need to upload photos.

This isn’t even actually recent… I really need to upload photos.


I’m on a reading roll!  Granted, two books I’m reading are a little embarrassing to admit to as one especially is like Hunger Games meets the Bachelor only less interesting… and I don’t even like The Bachelor.  It’s a YA novel (The Selection) that was supposedly good, but now that I read more reviews people love it or hate it.  At any rate, it’s mindless and kind of entertaining in a really dumb way.

As for good books – I’m also reading The Martian and it’s a good one so far.  I can see why they’re making it into a movie.  While you would think it might be boring because it’s a guy stuck on Mars by himself, it’s actually really interesting.  It’s scientific, it’s funny, and while I may not have a clue what he’s talking about at times, it’s written in a way that makes it not too technical and really enjoyable.


I finished Season 3 of Orange is the New Black recently and it was a good one – some new backstories, new characters and a lot of feels. Season 4 can’t come soon enough!  It’s funny because some of the characters I wasn’t a fan of in the beginning have completely grown on me and after the finale?  Season 4 should be interesting! I’m also binge-watching Season 4 of Scandal.  Sometimes I really just want to smack some sense into Olivia, though.

As for movies… we actually haven’t watched many lately.  We’ve been busy doing other things and Josh has been playing games lately in the evening, so I honestly can’t even remember the last movie we watched.  That’s really odd for us too. Ha ha.

Overall Health and Wellness

I’m really liking the Fitbit One I got and think it’s helping me stay slightly more motivated than I was, so it’s been a worthwhile purchase overall as I try and remind myself to stay more active, which can be difficult at a desk job.  As for my hives… they are essentially GONE!  The acupuncture treatments and Chinese Herbal blend I’ve been taking have done amazing things.  I don’t take antihistamines anymore (except for the occasional seasonal allergies) and I don’t even need the herbs on a daily basis either.  I’ve seen a couple hives now and then, but it’s been an amazing turnaround.  It’s almost crazy to think I was taking several 24hr Allegra pills a day to keep the itchy hives at bay for… how many months?  I am blown away completely by the results.


Trying to cut back on gluten and dairy and sugar.  Sometimes I do okay and other days I completely fail.  I’m not intolerant, but my acupuncturist says I need to cutback.  He’s a big paleo advocate, though, so I’m not sure how much of his advice is based on his own personal opinion vs. actual health reasons.  I’m willing to compromise, though and give it a try.   I can’t deny that I do feel better physically when I’m good and eat fewer of these things.  Sigh. 😉

Thinking About

All of the things on our to-do list.  We have a fairly big list of things we need to do around the house, some of which are necessary (like properly sealing up a few things after a big ole ant infestation) and some things that are more aesthetic changes to the house itself.  We still need to finish landscaping and ultimately we’d like to put carpet downstairs and hardwood upstairs in the kitchen/dining area and the entryway.  I’m also still trying to reorganize things after switching our living room/play room/family room around.  Also, your basic DIY crafts and pinteresty things are really not where I excel, but we’ll see how a few little projects turn out that I’ve taken on.