Probably going to ramble…

January is always a weird month.  It’s typically slow after months of being busy, and it’s also usually the coldest month.  It’s also generally the time of year my body decides to get sick. All things considered, it’s really only been a meh kind of month this year. I’ve been having some tension headaches (I think), but also have been experiencing some vertigo, so probably something going on with my ears or mild migraines? I do sometimes get the flashing light sensation. However, I don’t know that migraines are mild?  Maybe I’m just dehydrated…


I haven’t really been taking photos as often lately, so these are a little old. I do have some I need/want to sort through on my computer, but at the same time I just feel meh and don’t really feel like sitting in my cold office and doing anything. I can’t even tell you how many nights I’ve just wanted to stay curled up in Phoebe’s bed after she falls asleep even though it’s only 8:00. I get up tired and cold and any motivation falls by the wayside as I curl up in bed with a book or a TV show and 1-3 cats. There are so many things I want to do and need to do, but just don’t have it in me lately.


We haven’t gotten out much, though we did get out for a bit this past weekend to see an Ice Castle. The kids got cold fairly quick, though, despite being bundled up like marshmallows and neither of them wanted to walk. My camera battery died after a couple of pictures and it wasn’t long before Enzo asked to go home. There was a lot of fussing and whining while we tried to get them out of snowsuits with our own hands frozen and I may have had a moment where I kind of lost my head for a moment – yelled really loudly (which did get everyone’s attention), but also felt a tad embarrassed when I realized my door was open and there were lots of other families in the parking lot. Not my finest moment. We probably should have waited for a warmer day, but the previous 2 or 3 weekends have been spent in the house and I needed out.


I think it’s just my typical seasonal funk and I have to deal with it as I do every year. Granted, we’ve had some extra stress so that doesn’t help things either. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and am allowing myself to just be meh for the rest of the month. Come February I’m going to give myself a stern talking to and make some changes. I’ve been a tad too lenient with myself and allowed myself to wallow and procrastinate long enough. So, time to make the most of the rest of this week and binge watch some more Grey’s Anatomy and Downton Abbey because you know I picked up the full season today and can now finish it at a much more desirable pace.