Yummy yummy, fruit salad!

So, my mom (Hi, Mom!) bought the kids a Wiggles DVD. I have heard of the Wiggles, but never actually watched them.  The kids… weren’t huge fans.  There was some dancing, but ultimately they wanted to watch Paw Patrol instead.  However, the next day out of the blue, Enzo asked for the Fruit Salad song and I had to wrack my brain to figure out what he was talking about.  For whatever reason, it is the only song that stuck out to him on this DVD and he has found enormous pleasure in getting it stuck in my head.  Out of the blue he’ll suddenly start singing “Yummy yummy, fruit salad” and he’ll look at me and crack that smile with the adorable dimple and giggle while repeating it over and over until he has it stuck in my brain.  Now we go back and forth with it.  Sometimes I’ll sit down next to him on the couch and sing it in his ear to get him to smile, and this weekend I wouldn’t be surprised if he wakes me up by singing it.

We’re supposed to get a nice storm early next week, and while the weather won’t be terrible this weekend, I think we’ll stay in and maybe do some more painting.  Enzo asked to paint something besides paper, so I picked up a little project for them (obviously I can’t spoil the surprise).  Otherwise Phoebe has really been into Barbie and princesses lately, so I imagine there will be a lot of that as well.


Oh, and for the curious… (Sorry) Oh, and my bad… it’s “Fruit salad, yummy yummy” not vice versa. 😉