Thursday Musings

I’m not sure what to think of this silly weather we’ve been having… up and down and all the nice weather seems to fall during the week instead of on the weekend.  Most Memorial Day weekends we’d be off doing something like camping, but we definitely weren’t about to do that last weekend.  The kids have been extra cantankerous, though. I’m not sure if it’s the rain coming through or what, but I know I would certainly like some warm weather to actually fall on a weekend so I can soak it all up.


It doesn’t help that there has been so much going on either.  It is time to fit in some evening walks and tackle our outside projects whenever the opportunity arises since summer is always too short.  Soon we’ll be sending swimsuits to day care and trying frantically to fit in as many outside activities as possible.  I want to camping, swimming, you name it!


The kids did get some cousin time in over the weekend, which is always nice, and I have some pictures from when we traded babysitting a few weeks ago that I need to go through.  Josh got a couple of really good pictures and there are some fun ones of all the kiddos hanging out. I love watching our little tomboy keep up with the boys.  I swear she’s more rowdy than her brother at times and giggles madly when she gets tackled.


Already she’s rebelling against the dresses I’ve gotten her… I put one on her the other day and she wanted it off.  Then she wanted a skirt, but didn’t want a shirt on.  Then Enzo wanted a skirt too, so I was like… okay, sure, why not?  They both twirled and had great fun and then watched Strawberry Shortcake, which was Enzo’s choice.  I think it’s good for both kids to get to do “boy” and “girl” things.  I can’t imagine telling Enzo that I won’t paint his nails, but I’ll paint Phoebe’s because she’s a girl… he likes brightly colored things, so paint his nails I will!


Don’t ask me where this post is going… just random thoughts on a very hot afternoon from a very air conditioned office during the slowest time of the year.  Tomorrow can’t come soon enough… plus its Josh’s birthday and I have surprises in store!  There is nothing more fun than surprising someone. 😉

Our Kitty Friends

I think the cats are glad that we’ve almost got the house put back together after the garage sale.  Change makes Ziggy nervous and Uzi has been rather talkative and upset that it’s been raining and he can’t go outside.  On the plus side, the cats are getting more and more tolerant of the kids every day… even Ziggy sniffed both kiddos and allowed Enzo to give her a quick pet before running away in fear.


Understandably the kids desperately want to get their hands on her fluffy soft fur, plus she doesn’t realize that by being so elusive she’s making herself more sought after.  Uzi, on the other hand, is taking full advantage of the fact that the kids (especially Phoebe) like to feed him things.  It was adorable the first time Phoebe pointed at Josh eating chicken and asked for some to feed the kitty.  Not in so many words, but she pointed, used the words “please” and “kitty” and we deduced what she wanted. 😉


Uzi couldn’t have been more thrilled.  He does get a tad nippy when chicken is involved so the kids are learning to toss it to him rather than to hold it in their hands to avoid accidentally being bitten.  Generally Uzi is extremely patient with the kiddos and they’ve been interacting more and more.  There are nights when Enzo asks to leave his bedroom door open in the hope that Uzi will come sleep with him, but we’re not quite there. He’ll sleep on Enzo’s bed when he isn’t there, though. 😉

KittyTreats2 KittyTreats3

Uzi’s new favorite spot is the chair in Phoebe’s room, which is usually the quietest spot until the kids discover him.  They love to copy him and do “head-butts” and he’ll often return the favor.  My favorite is when he rubs up against them too vigorously and knocks them over. Ha ha.


Phoebe, however, has as much sibling rivalry with Uzi as she does with Enzo when it comes to my lap.  Just like with her brother if she sees me snuggling the kitty she gets grumpy and shrieks and says, “No, Kitty!” and tries to get him out of my lap.  I’m thinking it was a good idea we stopped at two kids because she is really not giving up her place as the baby.

Friday Funday!

Happy Friday everyone!  I am looking forward to a nice long weekend hanging out with family and getting some stuff done around the house.

Wes Anderson designed a bar!!

When you’re having a bad day.

Coffee naps are a thing.

Photos from Earth that look alien.

The struggle is real. “Joey doesn’t share food!”

I really do like this movie and will definitely see the sequel.

Toddler Talk

Technically Enzo isn’t really a toddler anymore, but sometimes I hate being reminded of how grown up he is by calling him a preschooler. There’s no denying it, though, and it really does just get better and better.  I love how lately he’ll latch onto a word and use it often, like the word “comfortable” or “weird.”

“I like this shirt, Mommy. It’s so comfortable.”

I can’t remember what we were doing, but he couldn’t do something or use something because, “it’s too weird.”


We have unfortunately also entered the potty talk stage, which I’m pretty sure started at preschool.  It’s not the first time he’s picked up something from there, so there’s been a lot of “poopy” this and “pee pee” that.  Joy.  We really don’t know how to make it stop… ignoring doesn’t work, and explaining that there is a time and a place doesn’t work either.

He does, however, make up for it by saying one of my new favorite phrases.  “You’re my best buddy.”  Although lately he usually says, “You’re my best doughnut.”  I can’t complain, doughnuts are pretty awesome.

As for Phoebe, she’s still working on new words every day and doing her best to communicate with us. Her animal noises are by far one of our favorites, but it’s pretty adorable when she tries to copy any and all words.  She says “Please” and “Thank you” although doesn’t understand that just because she says “please” she isn’t always going to get what she wants.  She just gets more persistent.  Her favorite things to ask for are milk, juice, strawberries (which she steals off the cutting board when I’m not looking), snack, outside, kitty, TV (oops), and a ton of other things.


She’s also got a few books mostly memorized and likes to join in when we’re reading to her whether it be to make noises, point her finger or “read” from memory.

It’s also really adorable when she tries to sing. She loves to dance around and attempt to sing some of her favorite songs.

I’m enjoying it all while it lasts… before they become mouthy teenagers. 😉

No fear of flying here.

Why do you suppose it is that most young children are thrill seekers? Or rather, why is it that so many adults go from being thrill seekers in their youth to being too nervous or scared about getting hurt? Much like Enzo and Phoebe, I know I liked climbing up on things, jumping off of things, and gave very little thought to whether or not I’d get hurt.  But now?  Not so much.  Even looking at Josh tossing the kids up in the air makes my heart slightly stop, but also just makes me slightly nauseous.


I don’t have that many fears, but the ones I do have are fairly irrational.  I have a fear of being up on ladders… and get nervous standing on kitchen chairs.  Yes, even being a couple feet off the ground makes me incredibly nervous.  I’ll still do it because there are times when one has no choice, but I get shaky and can’t think too much about what I’m doing.  I haven’t the slightest idea when or why this fear began either.  I’ve never fallen from an extreme height or broken anything, so you’d think there would be nothing to fear.


In the beginning neither kiddo enjoyed being tossed up into the air, but at some point for both it became fun.  Phoebe is the same way with the swing set.  Enzo hates swinging, but after a couple of times, Phoebe started to enjoy it and thought it was fun.  Enzo is, however, getting better about bugs… as long as they don’t fly. I can’t argue with him when it comes to wasps or hornets – they are just nasty and I won’t pretend they aren’t.  The kids and I stood in the rain looking at worms the other day, which Enzo was fascinated by.  Phoebe was more concerned as to why water was falling from the sky, so she didn’t care about how “squishy” or “neat” the worms were.  He’s also fascinated by ants, especially after I showed him one carrying something.

DaddyUp3 DaddyUp2

Now the next big fear to overcome is swimming.  I’m really hoping we can get the kids into the water this summer and show them it’s not scary… just a little colder and bigger than the bathtub.  Baby steps.  It’s not like I’m a very good swimmer, so I suppose it’s good that they’re cautious.  Hopefully they’ll always be mostly fearless and not develop silly little phobias that hold them back.

MyTurn2 MyTurn