Day In the Life

I haven’t done one of these in a really long time and happened to pick a weekend where the weather was beautiful and we decided to spend most of the day out of the house, which also means most of these pictures are off the phone.  I’ve learned lately that it’s just much easier to carry the phone rather than the bigger camera, especially with how active they both are.

Anyhoo, our Saturday started off early… so early.  I think the kids were up before 6:00… it was dark and far too early.  I suppose on the plus side it meant we had plenty of time to decide what our plans would be and time to get ready, though.  I gave Enzo a few options and he picked the zoo, so we figured we’d start there and then see where the day led us.












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Summer’s Encore

Just as I was getting ready to fully accept that Fall was here, I look at the forecast and we’re going to get short weather this weekend.  I am definitely not complaining. Instead I’m planning on putting off all responsibility and we’ll be spending as much time out of the house as possible. Now we just have to decide what to do.  Do we go to the zoo?  Do we go to an apple orchard? Do we go to a pumpkin patch?  Do we go to a corn maze?  So many choices, and those aren’t even all of them…


That being said, a lot will depend on Miss Phoebe who is not only getting some teeth in, but has a canker sore as well and has been understandably fussy lately.  Both kids have been a little more cantankerous than usual and I’m wondering if it’s just the fact that fall is settling in. It seems as though a lot of people have been having “off” days, so hopefully that will change soon. All the more reason to get out and soak up some Vitamin D this weekend!


Science Museum: Lost in Space

It was the last weekend that the Space exhibit would be at the Science Museum, so being the stir-crazy person that I am, I decided to drag everyone to see it because… SPACE. Plus, Enzo has had an on and off again interest in outer space, so it seemed like it might be something he would enjoy.


The exhibit was fairly busy and unsurprisingly both kids wanted to check out everything.  There were a lot of cool hands-on activities that both kids were able to do, even though they really didn’t understand what it was all about.  What kid wouldn’t enjoy pushing buttons and turning cranks and exploring miniature space stations?



The highlight for Phoebe, may have been the toilet, though.  She did not want to get off the pot and was quite enjoying herself.  Of all the things to grab her attention, it would have to be that.  Josh took a turn on the rotating shuttle exhibit, while I volunteered to wait with the kids. There’s no way my stomach would have managed.  Alas and sadness.



We did make sure to grab our two hooligans for some fun pictures.  We were “those” parents who couldn’t seem to control their rascals as they played a one-sided game of Hide-and-Seek.  They are most definitely not ready for any kind of art museum where one is supposed to be somewhat sophisticated.  What?  You want to quietly contemplate this historic piece of art?  Let me scream in protest of my stroller imprisonment or run around shrieking at the top of my lungs.  Not everyone enjoys yelling, not even if done in happiness.







After we finished up our tour in outer space, we wandered around the rest of the museum a bit, checking out dinosaurs and getting some fresh air outside.  Phoebe managed to lose her beloved owl lovie but thanks to a miracle we found it waiting for us at Lost and Found officially making whoever found it the hero of the day.




Through Enzo’s Eyes: Arboretum

While I love to encourage the kids’ curiosity and adventurousness, it can be difficult to keep tabs on them at times, and even more so when there are lots of people around.  There are a lot of cool things to see at the Arboretum and also lots of places for kids to run around, so it was nice to be able to give Enzo something to do that kept him close by and encouraged him to explore his surroundings.  So, I gave him my phone and let him snap away.

I love seeing what he sees.

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The passing of time…

There is a definite chill in the air lately and I have a feeling we won’t be turning the A/C on again until next year.  It’s cool enough that opening the window works just as well, and makes the cats happier.  My office, however, is more than chilly and I will be pulling the space heater out sooner than I’d like.  It is October, though.  How is it October?  It seems like just yesterday we were in our pajamas having an impromptu water fight on the deck on a random Saturday morning… but, I guess that was a couple of months ago already.


When you’re a kid, time just crawls and then suddenly it starts passing so quickly you can barely catch your breath. I’m an introvert, so introspection is just par for the course, but I’m uncertain as to whether it’s just the impending winter blues or something else that has me lost in thought and procrastinating so greatly and having anxiety over how little time there is and what I should be doing with this time.  Of course worrying about what I should be doing means I get nothing done at all, so it’s not exactly productive.  I’m in one of those states where I want to do something, but I’m not sure what exactly and just feel tired and decide it’s not worth it to worry about it now and put it off and then keep putting it off.  While taking a break from a schedule was nice, I think I should probably get back into some kind of routine again rather than just winging it every morning/evening. Oh, but that first step is always so hard.


Actually, it would be less hard if I could stop falling asleep when putting the kiddos to bed and if I could get started on more things before 8:30.  It’s hard to convince myself to workout at 8:30pm and even if I wanted to in the morning, I have a difficult time prying Phoebe off of me to allow me to do so.  Sleep is hard to find lately, and I have to remind myself that it’s all temporary.  One day the bed will feel empty without two small bodies snuggling closely together or to whichever parent is nearest.  I can’t help but smile when I crawl into bed and see Phoebe draped across her brother and at least one or two cats purring happily.


I’m not sure if it will ever feel like time is slowing down again, though, so I suppose I’ll have to get used to the feeling that I can’t always keep up, or continue to try and simplify our lives more in the hopes that it will give us more time.