Much like the weather

Just as the weather can suddenly go from warm and sunny to overcast, windy, and downright chilly, so too can a toddler go from being happy and healthy to being sick from out of nowhere.  Phoebe randomly started coughing last night and today it sounds pretty awful, but she has no fever so I’m not taking her to the doctor yet.  I did, however, have to get her early and bring her home because day care called and said she was pretty much inconsolable most of the morning, wouldn’t eat, and only wanted to sleep.  Poor Squish.  Oh well, at least we were able to enjoy the weekend… these pictures are not even from this weekend, but another fun weekend. :p


Such is life as a parent, I’ve discovered.  You rarely have time to accomplish all the things you want to, or at least I do.  Perhaps that’s just a reflection of my constantly changing priorities and motivation that is always on a roller coaster.


Most of our weekends often have a lot of the same going on, though.  They often start way too early because the kids are very much against sleeping in. I’m usually the first to stumble out of bed with them and coffee is typically my first priority if I can manage it.  This is why most of my morning photos have the flash… because our living room has very few lamps and they like to wake with the sun.  Sigh.


This particular weekend was fairly windy and Enzo was feeling “off” on Saturday so I took Phoebe on a quick run to Costco.  It’s grilling season and their organic beef is a great price, plus I bought enough aluminum foil to last us at least a couple of years.  Then yesterday was one of Enzo’s friend’s birthday party so we went to that.  I have a feeling most of our weekends are going to be fairly busy this summer.


We also found out that our city-wide garage sale weekend is mid-May, so yesterday I started doing some prep work for that.  I think I have about 9 bins of baby clothes and so many toys and other kid items that it’s going to take quite a while to sort through everything and prep for it.  Plus, we have books, movies, games and you name it, so it’s going to end up being a fairly large sale.  I can’t wait to clear up some room in our garage and under our stairs.  It’s going to feel very, very good.


17 Months

Well, I’m only a few days late, but really things are that much different between 16 and 17 months.  Phoebe is becoming such a big girl, and officially made the switch to the toddler room.  She loves dancing and reading and playing outside, so much so that she has not wanted to leave day care at the end of the day.  We went through this with Enzo, though (still have those days even now) so we’re pros at handling limp noodles and finagling feisty children into car seats.


She naps on a cot at day care, but we won’t be changing her to a toddler bed anytime soon.  I’ll save that post for another day.  We are also going to be removing the booster seats from the dining room table because Phoebe has decided she will only sit at the little red table with Enzo for all meals.  She also loves to help with cleanup and can usually manage to get her plates and silverware into the sink without help.  Both kids like to wipe their own faces and hands without help, so we’re still trying to show her that sometimes she does need a little assistance.


Meals are definitely messier since she eats at the little table, mostly because it’s very difficult to keep her at the table, and she encourages her brother to misbehave.  She’s still using sippy cups, but at day care they have been working on cups without lids.  We should probably do the same. I know she can drink out of a cup just fine, she just prefers to dump out the contents and splash around in it.


Our little toughie continues to explore and climb on anything and everything.   This has gotten her many bumps and bruises and one day we should probably get her into dance or gymnastics so can learn to balance.  When she and Enzo play they sometimes get fairly rough, but it’s amazing how often they’re both laughing when inside I’m cringing because I’m thinking, “How could that not hurt??”


She is determined, curious, opinionated, sweet, loving, and sassy with a naughty sense of humor.  I sometimes have to watch her because she still bites me on occasion and thinks it is hysterical when I yell from the pain.  She can also be a tease and loves to make you think she’s going to be cooperative just to switch directions at the last minute and run off cackling.  Even more fun is when she can get her brother involved in the chaos or vice versa.  We are definitely going to be in trouble with these two. :p


Mommy brain is real and it never goes away…

At least I don’t think it does… or maybe mommy brain goes away when you finally get to sleep through the night?  Can someone confirm or at least give hope?  So far I’ve been told it never goes away by friends, family, and coworkers, though, and while I was never a genius by any means, I used to be slightly more well spoken and now it’s highly likely that I’ll forget words randomly in conversation… words that are not difficult by any means, but are elusive for some bizarre reason.  Lack of sleep?  Quite possibly. Being constantly distracted?  Very likely.



Phoebe often enjoys joining me in the bathroom while I get ready, and while I don’t mind the company it always takes me longer than usual since it can be rather distracting while I pull things out of her reach and try to keep her from soaking her pajamas in the sink.  This morning I was thoroughly distracted while watching her and instead of grabbing my blush, mistakenly grabbed some very dark eye shadow (similar packaging), but didn’t realize it until it was on my face and looked like I had a massive bruise.  Good thing we weren’t running late today. ;)


I’m more forgetful than usual and rely even more heavily on notes now than ever.  Thank you smart phones and handy apps to help me keep lists and notes always within reach.  Now if only they could make my thoughts always make sense.  I can’t even tell you how often I just word vomit nonsense trying to spit something out after a long day.  On the plus side, our children both seem very smart, so there’s that?  Phoebe is officially in the Toddler room now and her teachers have been telling us every day how focused she is and intent on learning.  She has no trouble sitting for long periods of time, and loves to soak it all in.  Enzo has a little more trouble sitting quietly during “rug time” but is also really smart and has been a lot more interested in numbers lately and telling us how many of something there are.  He even counted to 30 the other day!  Well, he may have mixed a few numbers up, but he’s close. :p  I call that pretty good for a boy who is constantly go-go-go.  I guess I’ll deal with mommy brain and just count on them to consistently put me in my place as they grow older.


A weekend that started on the wrong side of the bed…

There are some days when everything is just… off.  This weekend was one of those times.  Maybe we all just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but we were all more impatient and more irritable than usual.  Plus, it seemed like both kids were just doing everything in their power to bang themselves and each other up.  Thankfully, they’re both fairly tough and I’ve gotten used to just wincing and shrugging my shoulders, especially since they often wind up giggling after colliding, rolling off the couch, or whatever else.


Ever since Phoebe succumbed to her first owie that left her bleeding (she fell off the window ledge and bit her lip… I swear we’re not bad parents!!) she has been banging herself up left and right.  Sadly, sometimes it’s just from walking, but she’s also a bit of a daredevil and this weekend was no different.  We went to the zoo, and right away I cringed because it was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it.  We were already a bit grumpy and the kids were not the most cooperative and crowds are not my friend.  At lunch there were no highchairs to be found – they were all in use – so Phoebe got a chair to herself and I spent the entire time trying to keep her sitting and not standing and dancing around.  Well, we were trying to pick up and I turned away for a second and down she went.  Cue the screams and every parent’s eyes on us as I picked her up as quick I could.  I got flustered as we were met with a combination of sympathetic and judging stares and I snapped at Josh to grab Enzo and the stroller so we could get the heck out of the crowded cafeteria.  It’s no secret that crowds make me claustrophobic, nervous, irritable, and sometimes overwhelmed.


We made it out alive and without further escapades and took the kids for a relaxing walk.  Poor Phoebe fell I don’t know how many times and at some point Enzo took a tumble at the house and chomped his lip good so he was bled from that a bit.  Thankfully, though, I still have Phoebe’s teething rings/pacifiers in the freezer and they are the perfect remedy for such a wound!


Thankfully the rain came last night, and I think it washed away some of the frustrations and irritability we were all feeling this weekend.  We got off to a better start this morning despite the kids waking up early… oh yeah, now Enzo has started sneaking into bed with us in the middle of the night.  Neither Josh nor I have the energy to keep the kids in their own beds lately, and honestly, that’s why we got a king sized bed to begin with – to allow for co-sleeping.  But that’s a conversation for another day.


Friday Funday!

It’s supposed to be a fairly beautiful weekend, so you can rest assured that we’re going to take advantage of it!  We’re going to head to the zoo as both kids have been more interested than usual in various animals, and then maybe we’ll fit in a walk as well.  In the meantime…

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