Like litter through the scooper… so are the cats of our lives

Okay, that’s a horrible title, but I never know what to title anything and at least now you know this post is going to include our cats and all of their drama. Fellow cat people, welcome. Anyhoo….


Short weeks right before a long weekend are the worst.  It’s hard to stay focused on anything when you’re eagerly waiting time off and can’t help but look at the clock and plan what you’ll be doing.  If anything, the cats will be especially glad that we’re all home for a long weekend. After a few outside-the-litterbox mishaps, we’ve been keeping the cats downstairs at night just to make sure Vega realizes that she needs to poo in a litterbox and not in Phoebe’s room. Admittedly, we kept her in Phoebe’s room initially, so you can understand her confusion.


The cats are slowly starting to get along better.  Vega is really rambunctious and playful, so there is often some hissing and yowling when one of the older cats has had enough of her, but that is getting better.  Now when I open the door to the basement, all three of them will be there waiting for me and it’s becoming more common for them to sniff noses and even sleep on the same bed or couch together.


If anything, I think Uzi has been a bit more playful lately as Vega runs around the house like crazy chasing anything and everything.  We’ve even gotten him to play with the laser a bit before he realized how undignified he was being and trotted off.  Cats.  One minute he wants to be held like a baby and the next minute he’s too mature to play with a silly toy.

Every year it’s the same…

Can I just hold onto fall for just a little bit longer?  We had our first snow flurries yesterday and I am really just not ready for that kind of cold wind to become just another daily occurrence even though it happens every year and we should just be used to it already.  One thing is for certain, we’re getting a snowblower this year.  If anything, that will ensure that we don’t get nearly as much snow as usual.  Neither of us feel like shoveling several feet of snow in sub-zero temps this year, though.

So, in the spirit of not giving in to winter, here are some fall pictures I haven’t posted yet.


Sure, there will be more of this in the upcoming months, the blanket just might be heavier and hopefully the nuk will be gone… her teeth are being affected and we’re going to have to lose the nuk.


Painting punkins!  Really, we’ll paint anything in our house.  Enzo has always been really good about keeping crayons, markers, paints, etc on actual paper or specified places, but you can’t leave Phoebe alone for a second.  It is imperative to only have washable art supplies in her reach because she will make art wherever she feels like it, and especially if she feels like she’s taking a stand against “The Man” aka Mom and Dad who like suppress her artistic expression.


We’ll see if Phoebe changes her mind about the cold and snow, but even if she doesn’t, Enzo will want to go outside and play.  I’m thinking maybe we’ll get some food coloring and make some art in the snow to mix it up a bit.  It’s fun using different seasonal mediums with the kids.


Okay, maybe winter won’t be thaaaat bad.  We’ll see.

So Long, Fall!

There is a chill in the air and after several days of unusual November rain, we are about to get much cooler, so now seems as good a time as any to soak up the last of Fall.  Last year it took a little time for Enzo to warm up to the idea of playing in the giant leaf pile Josh’s Dad prepares for all the kiddos.  This time, though, he ran right into it and his cheeks were already getting rosy by the time his cousins came to join in on the fun.  This boy runs hot, that’s for sure.


Phoebe, on the other hand, is like me and wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of playing in cold leaves.  She was more content to sit and eat her snack, but eventually we managed to get her to at least sort of join in.  I can’t blame her, I’d rather sit on the sidelines and just watch too.  I kind of don’t want to tell her what’s in store considering she whines when it’s cold out at day care and they go outside to play.



If you’re Enzo, however, the highlight of a giant leaf pile is being tossed into it. I have a feeling if his thrill seeking continues, I’m going to lose just as much sleep in the years to come as I do now.  I guess it makes sense, though… kids aren’t aware of all the dangers and worries that adults consider, so why should being tossed 6 feet in the air into a pile of leaves be at all disconcerting? Granted, even bloody noses and other bumps and bruises don’t stop him from jumping off things he shouldn’t and fearlessly climbing whatever he can.




While we’ll need to keep Enzo’s active side busy this winter, we’ll have to come up with a combination of inside and outside activities considering Phoebe isn’t a fan of being cold and wet.  I loved sledding when we were kids and building snow forts, so hopefully we can do some of that with the kids and find other activities now that they’re older and not quite as affected by a late night here or there and an occasional missed nap.  Last winter was a bit of a bummer, especially after we got back from a nice warm vacation in California, so I plan on making it as fun as possible this year.


If anyone has any tips on winter activities with small kiddos, do let me know!

The Little Things

It was a very busy and slightly crazy weekend, both personally and the world in general.  There was no missing the news this weekend and how horrible it was.  I admit, it starts to make me wonder what kind of world we’ve brought two children into.  I admit I often avoid the news because it’s either all very trivial celebrity gossip or it’s just very awful.  Both make me shake my head, just for very different reasons.  Honestly, I’m not even sure what to say when it comes to the state of the world we live in.  It makes me sad that there has to be so much hate and violence, though.  I’ll never understand it.  So, this weekend I focused on my family.  We celebrated the 2 years that Phoebe has been with us and then on Sunday we went and bought her a big girl bed.  These pictures aren’t from this weekend, but from a few weeks ago when they helped me make a pie.

Pie Making1

As you can see, Phoebe was also due for another trim, but she’d rather have her hair in her eyes then let me trim it for her… which I guess I can’t say that I blame her for that.  I’m not a hair stylist for a reason.  Anyhoo, it’s always hit or miss with the kids in the kitchen. Some days they’re thrilled to help out, and others not so much, so when Enzo asked if he could help, I couldn’t refuse and he pulled his chair up to the counter.  Phoebe is never one to be left out and pulled a chair over as well.  Thankfully, Key Lime pie is pretty easy to make and what’s not to love about crushing up graham crackers?

Pie Making4

I’m sure Phoebe would argue that sneaking bits is probably the best part, but Enzo was far too intent on getting the right amount so we could do the actual fun part, which is when you get to push the button.  I love how excited they get at the thought of just pushing a button to make something happen.  I often forget about taking joy in the little things, but the kids have been helping me remember that it’s often in the little things that we find the most joy.  Whether it be coloring in a coloring book or sipping hot cocoa and watching it storm or putting flannel sheets on the bed when the weather gets cool… it doesn’t have to be much.

Pie Making3

While we were at Target yesterday with the kids, a woman actually walked over to me and smiled and said, “I just wanted to tell you how adorable your family is. It made my day to see you all.”  So often I feel like we’re a chaotic mess and it was such a huge thing what she said.  Usually I try to keep the kids corralled, but we didn’t today and while it may irritate some people that our kids are giggling and having a great time looking at everything, there are people who also find joy in seeing two very happy kids shopping with their parents and having a grand time.  It may have even been her words that kept me from getting frustrated with them when the didn’t want to listen and Enzo kept removing things from shelves and Phoebe would suddenly run down an aisle out of the blue. Granted, having a parent for each of them helps, but this stranger’s words also helped me take a step back and just watch them from someone else’s point of view. I could either get irritated like some people, or I could smile and laugh like so many others watching them interact with each other and everyone and everything around them.  I chose the latter. I think we all just need to slow down a bit and learn to smile more.

Pie Making2

2 Years

I think I can easily that the past two years have gone by more quickly than any previous years. Enzo was our parenting test dummy, so we felt pretty confident when Phoebe came along. It’s true what they say, you become much more relaxed with your second and it also helps that she has always been a fairly mellow gal.  There is so much to say about this girl of ours that we all love so much.


She has a great sense of humor, even if it is a fairly naughty one.

She is loving and a great cuddler.

She is very independent and as is fairly typical of this age, we hear a lot of, “I do it!”

She loves music and singing and dancing.

Her favorite songs to sing are the Alphabet Song and Bah Bah Black Sheep.

She loves reading.  Right now she enjoys reading to me more than she enjoys listening.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Paw Patrol.

Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

She loves poofy skirts and shoes (especially new ones).

She is very active and is a bit of a daredevil.

Her favorite movie right now is Inside Out.

She loves chocolate milk and pancakes.

She’s so smart and her teachers have commented on her vocabulary and what a quick learner she is.

She likes to paint and color.

She has an eyebrow raising sassy side that is also somehow endearing.

She loves her big brother, but also knows just what buttons to push and enjoys it a bit too much.

While independent, she is also very much a mama’s girl and there are days where no one except mama will do.

She’s a warm weather gal, and winter is not her favorite.


Phoebe has definitely been a shining light in our household full of mixed personalities.  We can usually count on her goofy grin and silly antics to make us laugh.  She and Enzo are such a great duo and I hope their good relationship continues.  The two of them have us in stitches at times and I can only imagine what the next year will bring.  Happy 2nd, Phoebe!  You are now officially much more expensive to take on flights. 😉