Horribly outnumbered by pets and kids

Warning: Excessive cat talk ahead!

There are days where I hardly notice we have 2 kids and 3 cats and then are days where I feel like there isn’t enough room in our house and like I’m constantly cleaning up some kind of bodily fluid or otherwise.   I don’t know what was in the air, but the other day I cleaned up cat vomit twice and then Phoebe puked all over me and our bed.  Then one of the cats pooped in Phoebe’s room.  I’m still not entirely sure who the culprit was. In all fairness I was “neglecting” all of them equally while trying to get some work done.


All this and somehow the kids and I would absolutely have more pets if space and Josh allowed.  The kids are on board with my idea to have chickens and basically a small hobby farm… Josh is not so keen on the idea. In the meantime I’d be happy with something soft and cuddly *cough* BUNNY *cough* however even I realize that we don’t have the setup right now.  So… cats it is!


Enzo and the cats are getting along fairly well lately, and the cats would absolutely love on Phoebe if she would let them.  She gets mad if Vega won’t stop following her or me around. Ha ha. I’m just waiting for Vega to become a docile pile of fluff like Uzi and Ziggy so I can squish her.  She’s so soft and brings out some major cute aggression in me.


She hasn’t fallen off the deck again, but did have a mishap with falling from the ledge in the living room into the entry way.  She was chasing a fly and jumped into the window above the front door and then tried to jump back and completely failed and fell a good 10 ft – it should be noted she did not land on her feet.  She was okay, though!  As for the fly… I have no idea.

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I don’t have too many pictures of Uzi or Ziggy lately… partly because they are often sleeping in dark places or the second they see me with the camera they won’t hold still.  They are both doing well, though!  They are aging gracefully and with few problems, for which I am glad.  They have their same routines and not even Vega can mess with those too much.  She’s the typical ornery younger sibling with her own odd quirks.


In typical cat fashion, Vega gets into everything and is usually in the way. She is my shadow, which means she is usually underfoot.  She still isn’t very talkative, but when she does meow, it’s the tiniest squeakiest little meow I’ve ever heard. She really has been such a great addition to our family. Now my only wish is that one day all three of them snuggle. HA!


Busy as a Bee… and exciting news

My favorite thing to do with the kids on the weekend is to go outside and watch the honey bees and bumblebees aka “bumblers” fly around our catmint. I’ve come to appreciate their busy nature and despite being terrified of wasps, I don’t mind these guys.  They work hard and they play an important role, which I’ve started explaining to Enzo and Phoebe. Plus, it’s been helping some of Enzo’s bug phobias. 😉


I’ve been busy lately as well. It’s absurdly out of character for me, but as my brother worded it, I’ve joined a pyramid scheme!  Ha ha. Just kidding. I know that right now there seems to be an overabundant amount of ladies selling Mary Kay, Thirty-One, Jamberry and more recently LuLaRoe, and even I have rolled my eyes occasionally when as somewhat overzealous salesperson is pushing their wares constantly and then suddenly wants to be my best friend when I ask a little question and then they’re stalking me and they post several times a day about their product.  I can understand a little bit of the excitement now, but my situation is also a little different.  Oh, by the way, I’m almost a LuLaRoe Consultant!


So it all started with a pair of leggings and I was hooked. I also loved that I could shop from my couch and that you never knew what the offerings would be because consultants don’t choose their prints – its all chance!  It was kind of addicting waiting to see if I’d type in SOLD fast enough for the product I wanted. The clothes are comfortable and versatile and I started thinking to myself… I could do this.  I’m keeping my full-time job, but a little extra money on the side would be really helpful right now and I’d be doing something I really enjoyed! I’ve already started to meet such a great community of women and it’s so encouraging.


So, within the next few weeks I will be an official consultant and peddling my wares. I promise not to be overly pushy or annoying and reign in my excitement on my personal pages.  It is really exciting, though, and what I also love about LuLaRoe is that you can shop around. No one has the same items so it’s actually beneficial to know several consultants – heck, I buy from several!  So, if you want to add me to your list of LuLaRoe dealers I’d be honored.


Seriously, though… you’ve got to try the leggings at the very least. They’re smooth as buttah.

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Weekend Recap

It was a surprisingly busy weekend. Saturday morning I had to myself to run errands and ended up all over.  The kids were a little bummed I was doing this shopping run solo, but quickly got over it when Josh said he’d take them downstairs to play on the Wii.  I went to Hobby Lobby and Ikea.  I love Ikea.


When I got home Phoebe was napping, but when she woke up we ended up walking to the library to return something and to check out the little festival that was going on.


The kids played some fun little games and then we walked back home.  We’ve also been playing some Pokemon Go.  Honestly, I think the novelty is already wearing off for me.  We’re busy with the kids and can’t just always go on walks and surprisingly when I’ve gone for walks at lunchtime I haven’t found all that much.  So… yeah.



What randomly decided to go out to eat with the kids. Neither of us had the energy to cook or clean up the kitchen.


Vega has not learned her lesson and is back to walking the deck railing.  She at least seems to be a bit more cautious after her fall however many weeks back.  When I work from home, she is usually my lap kitty, though Uzi will typically visit me as well and get in my face and Ziggy will come rub my ankles. They’re pretty decent workmates, though, one of them was apparently feeling neglected or otherwise and pooped in Phoebe’s room. SIGH.


That’s all I’ve got for the weekend!  This week is going to be very uneventful as we have excessive heat warnings and high humidity to boot.  Yay!


Photo Dump – The Food Edition

Food plays a major role in our daily lives… sure it nourishes and sustains us, but it’s also just awesome. Because of that I apparently have a bunch of random pictures with food in them that never made it into any posts. Lest they feel left out, here they are given a chance to shine.


I honestly can’t remember the last time we had cupcakes… so sad.


I was never more proud than at this moment. Honestly, I haven’t bought a pint in a while either.

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Breakfast that Josh made me. MMMM.


We really need to go get more ice cream soon.

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Ah, yes. On the way home from our camping fail!

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They didn’t even want to try my Root Beer Float… so sad.


This Blue Apron burger was so good.


Phoebe’s take on dinner.

Happy Friday, All!


Hot and Steamy (weather, that is).

Oh that time of year when it’s so hot and humid outside that stepping into an air conditioned room or car feels like its freezing and you put on a sweater even though it’s over 70 degrees.  I remember the first year we were here and I was completely unaccustomed to humidity of any kind coming from southern Colorado and the dry desert heat.  On the plus side, it means the kids can go outside as early as they want to because it’s actually pleasant out.


These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we filled up the little pool on the deck. We need to do that again… the kids (and I) had a blast. We chased each other around with squirt guns and they gained up on me viciously.  The water was ICY cold, but Phoebe didn’t care. Enzo was a little more cautious when it came to getting in the water and I was good with dipping a toe.



They may not always get along, but they will quickly side together against any opposition – which means it was me against them in our water fight.  I can’t imagine a better way to spend a morning, though.  Sometimes I forget how fun it is to be a kid and having kids will definitely keep you young.  I can’t wait to introduce them to water balloons one of these weekends.  It’s on!