When Less is More

I had my yearly checkup and apparently stress is contributing to slightly high cholesterol. Wee.  How can I be old enough to worry about crap like that?  Oh wait, I shouldn’t worry… that’ll just make it worse. There’s been a lot going on, to say the least and I’m stretched pretty thin lately. I haven’t picked up my camera lately and seem not to have time to keep the house clean between one thing and another. So… I need to re-prioritize and I think that means blogging less. I think for a few months I need to completely focus on my work endeavors and then see where I’m at.  With so little time I like to focus on my family when I can and my own personal needs, so… yeah.

As far as the kids go, despite there being more stress and chaos in the house than usual, Enzo has been doing great in preschool lately, which also seems to coincide with his preschool teacher leaving and a new teacher stepping in.  He’s been having so many good days and has been bringing home more worksheets and seems to be learning more.  I can’t even tell you what a relief that is.


Things I want to remember about right now.

  • Enzo
    • Has an ongoing imaginary game/story where we travel to outer space. Typically it’s him, me and Phoebe since we usually pretend we’re in a spaceship on the way home from preschool, but now and then Josh is allowed to also come. My job is to drive the spaceship and Enzo is in charge of “Pewing” (sp?) bad aliens. They can usually be found on meteors and Enzo uses a special gun that shoots fish that eat the aliens. The fish also have the powers of expansion to eat and/or destroy anything in our path.
  • Phoebe
    • Has started telling little white lies like asking her if she washed her hands and her saying she did when she very obviously didn’t and other little things like that.
    • Is a tad bossy and adorable at the same time. She often holds up her little hand and will say, “Just one minute” if you ask her to do something.  It’s all in the inflection and hand motion.


With luck this next year will give us much more time together and the current chaos will make it all worthwhile.

6 Hours

We are a tired household. I think I remember feeling rested… once.

For a while now, Enzo has been staying in his bed all through the night.  He used to come to our bed at some point during the night, but then that all stopped and he now happily stays in his bed all night… until 4:00am.  I am thankfully asleep at this early morning wakeup call only because he usually insists that Josh come and get him and that it is time to wake up. No. No it is not. It is extremely difficult to convince a 4 year old that it is in fact still time to sleep and it is often around this point that I start to hear whatever whining or crying begins when Josh pleads with Enzo to please just go back to sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Normally I wouldn’t sleep through his waking, but I too am often tired because of a tiny little human who likes to dig her feet into my stomach, back and ribs and often pull my hair while sleeping. She started waking up and wanting someone around 1:00am a while ago, but gradually that time has moved up until now almost every night at 10:00pm she wakes up and calls for me. I usually attempt to tuck her back in and get her to stay in her room, but even if she dozes off, within minutes she climbs out of bed and makes her way into our bedroom. So no more late night reading or late TV watching. Also, we have a king sized bed, so how is it that I end up with a mere 6 inches of sleeping space??  Not only do I have her burrowing into my side, but Uzi also insists that he needs to sleep on me.


Something’s gotta give.  At the very least I’d be satisfied if she Phoebe stayed in her bed until at least I’m ready to go to sleep, however, we still don’t know how to get Enzo to sleep in until it’s actually time to wake up. No wonder he gets cranky, he’s gotta be tired.  There’s got to be an answer, right? Anybody?  I guess it’s time to consult the Google and then sort through the dozens of different ways to go about getting sleep again.

I will not adult this weekend. Nope.

I’m kind of done with rain right now, so I’m glad to see that the forecast is nice for this weekend. We don’t have anything planned, but I’m going to try and get a few things done around the house, which unfortunately includes lots of cleaning and washing dishes by hand because our water softener is on the fritz and not working. So we have this awesome white film on EVERYTHING. My hair also feels gross thanks to all the build-up of minerals and whatnot, so it’s not something we can easily live without.  Time to call the repairman.  Also Josh hit debris that fell off of some guy’s trailer this week so the car needs fixing. Thankfully it’s drivable, we’ll just have to rock some duct tape for a while because money doesn’t grow on trees.  If it’s not one thing it’s another, am I right? Oh, and the pictures have nothing to do with anything, really.  It’s random day!


Okay, enough complaining, though I really do miss childhood some days and wish I could just not adult for a month. Don’t you just miss the good ole days when you had zero bills to pay and could do pretty much whatever you wanted during the summer because you didn’t have a job and there was no school? Those were the days. Okay, so they could get a little boring and not being able to drive and having no money could sometimes be a downer.  However, hindsight is everything. If we could have a do-over I’m sure we’d all appreciate those carefree days so much more than we did when we were actually living in the moment.


In the meantime, I’m all for making the moment count now and not sweating the small stuff.  Sure, I could be super stressed about stuff, but instead I’m going to stare out the window on this gloomy day and appreciate that it is Friday.  I’ll pick up my kids from day care and take them home where we’ll hang out and give myself permission to not worry or think about things that “should” worry me because it won’t do any good.  We’re very lucky in that everything seems to work out, so I’m sticking with that attitude and I’m confident that things will in fact be awesome.


Now, if you’ll excuse me while I go poop rainbows and vomit glitter, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. MAKE IT SO.


Tutus and Trucks

I have been ridiculously productive lately and it’s kind of glorious. Did you know painting really isn’t all that bad? Okay, I’m not a perfect painter and the guest room really needs one more coat of paint (but I ran out and meh), but I love how much brighter it is in there now.  Granted, mostly it’ll be used for work, but now it makes me want to repaint everything downstairs… especially the cave where my actual office resides.  The previous owners really, really loved dark colors, which also means it takes like 3-4 coats of paint to cover up.  I’ve been moving things around and making lists of other projects around the house which means I’ve taken hardly any pictures.  I think that also just means I’ve been enjoying our downtime and haven’t felt the need to document. Maybe I’m just at a new point in my life.


Phoebe is pretty happy with allowing me to take pictures, but Enzo has decided he mostly wants no pictures taken, so there you go.  I’m not going to fight him on that (until our family photos next month).  I don’t really see things slowing down in the future, so most likely I won’t be posting as often either… or perhaps they’ll just be short snippets so I can continue to keep track of what’s happening.


I never thought I’d say that I wish these kids would stop growing so fast, but lately I don’t mind as much.  Enzo’s imagination gets bigger and bigger and Phoebe is right behind him. Their personalities are fantastic and not a day goes by that one of them doesn’t say or do something that makes us laugh either because it’s just plain funny or ridiculously clever.


Phoebe is my go-to for hanging out still. If the boys don’t want to go anywhere on the weekend, chances are good that Phoebe will want to come with. She always wants to go shopping and will often respond with, “Goin’ to Target?”  Why, yes, yes we are.  Don’t even think about going to Target without looking in her section, though. I wasn’t allowed to look at cute tops when we were there, but you better believe she was adamant that we stop in the Toddler area. Granted, she’ll happily look in every section and likes to hit EVERY aisle.  We’re probably going to need to discuss budgeting sooner rather than later with her.

This photo is out of focus, but I love it because it’s just so HER.


On that note, I’m off… to the Cat Video Festival, no less.  I’ll be Snapchatting (@dinosandbunnies) periodically if you want to check it out.

The Wheels on the bus go round and round…

Or rather the wheels in my brain go round and round and really haven’t ceased turning. It seems like we’ve been busy, but also not… I can’t seem to keep up on all the things that need doing and yet at the same time I can’t seem to figure out what exactly has been keeping me so busy.  Josh is mending, so that’s good.  It means we can settle back into a routine with the kids, which is definitely good. I have been doing some rearranging downstairs due to my business venture, so I suppose that’s where some of my time has gone. It’s exciting, but also nerve-wracking. I’ve been sleeping so-so and decided to crash early last night. Phoebe has been a very active sleeper lately, which wouldn’t matter except she has taken to crawling into bed next to me around 10-11 every night.  Between her and Uzi I get minimal space to sleep in and haven’t felt super rested.


She’s sassy, and we’re still working through various sibling growing pains.  Enzo has been doing good at preschool, though, which is huge.  I’m not sure if it has to do with one of his preschool teachers leaving or not, but he’s had a pretty good week or so.  I think that means he’s been saving it up for home, however. I get it, we’re his safe place, I think we just all need to practice some calming breaths now and then. Things should be back to normal soon, so we just need to make do and in the meantime I’m going to take the kids for ice cream tonight. It’s Friday night and it feels like the right thing to do.

I haven’t even picked up my camera much lately just because I’ve been so preoccupied with other things.  Such is life, right?