Week In Review – Swimming, Sunshine and Dragons

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

Well, at least this week I remembered to take more photos? Generally the first half of the week is never very exciting and this week, even less so.  However, here we go!

  • I made an appointment for allergy testing after waking up with super swollen eyelids and hives. Yep… to my very great disappointment, my hives have returned. I could have cried.

  • I really failed at cooking this week and along with Brinner, we had lots of random nights with yogurt and pretty much whatever anyone could find.  Enzo did, however, discover how great egg and cheese sandwiches are, though!  He has refused to eat eggs in the past and finally the eggs win!

  • We got outside with Bowser a lot.  It lets him get some much needed natural sunshine and he’s so relaxed you can walk with him to get the mail and just hang out.

  • On Saturday, Josh and I watched our nephews at their house, so the kids had fun running around… mostly inside because it was really hot outside.

  • Glorious kitty snuggles were had… even after I found out that Vega had once again peed where she shouldn’t have. I really don’t know what’s going on with this cat. It seems territorial to me and that’s not okay.

  • On Sunday the kids had their first swimming lesson and it went… swimmingly.  The classes are small – it was just 3 of them, though, I think normally it’s 4 per class. They’re excited to keep going and we got a membership to the rec center as both kids wanted to keep swimming afterward and it’s good motivation to get to the gym and whatnot now.  Afterwards, we decided we might as well go out to eat, and so we did.

  • It made for a long day, however, and Enzo crashed hard. Phoebe… did not. She slept for literally 5 minutes in the car on the way home and would not go to sleep.  So much for catching up on my shows. :p

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Road Trip Part 6 – Durango

The trip from California to Durango, Colorado was done overnight, so we didn’t make many stops along the way, however count on small children to need to use the restroom at the worst time possible when there are no bathrooms around.  Haha. We also started to run into cooler drizzly weather which made exiting the car even more enjoyable.

I really failed at taking pictures during this portion of our trip and I don’t know why!  Maybe because it felt so much like just being at home?  I know at home I have to make more of an effort to pick up my camera at times.  Plus, a lot of our time was just spent hanging out and chatting and unfortunately we were only there a few days, so that has a lot to do with it as well. Lots of good food and just nice to be home where really not much has changed, and as always a part of me thinks of moving back one day.  Just maybe.

My dad has several of these large creepy crawlies around the yard and on his Jeep that he has made.

Enzo disovered Sprite on this trip, and now we’ve had to come to an agreement that he only gets it occasionally as a special treat. 😉  Also… while I try to avoid the kindles at restaurants, at this point in our trip the kids got cranky pretty fast and this battle is one I chose not to fight.

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Week In Review – Hot, Hot, Hot

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

Okay, I’m certain I must have accomplished something last week, but so far the only pictures I can really find on my phone have mostly Bearded Dragon pictures.  So, a good portion of our week has revolved around our new little buddy.

While we had a setup for him already, I did further research online (because that’s what I do – research things obsessively) and discovered we really needed a better setup – lighting on the inside rather than on top of the screen and making sure our UVB light is strong enough and buying a unlighted heat lamp as the red ones can actually disturb their sleep.  Anyway, it’s been fun and he’s such a social little dude!

Vega, however, is a little obsessed and I need to find a better way to keep her off the top of his cage.  We moved it so he’d get more natural sunlight, but now she can hop up far too easily.

Enzo assisted me in putting together a new shelf that we needed after moving around some furniture. That kid is strong – I didn’t even have to tighten the screws after him.  So, it was really more of his accomplishment than mine.

Josh also picked up a project for me.  Yep, looks like I’ll be fixing up a dollhouse. it’s a tad big, so I think we’ll sell it when I’m done, or else sell the kids’ other dollhouse if they end up liking this one better. Eventually I’d love to be a little grandma and do one of those fantastic smaller dollhouses.  This one is more for 12″ dolls.

Seriously, who knew lizards could be this much fun?  I underestimated just how social they are and I officially fell in love when Bowser did a cat move and nuzzled his head under my shirt a bit and fell asleep. I kept him covered with a little towel to help him keep warm.  Haha. I can’t help it… I’m an animal lover and we’ll most likely end up with an entire menagerie one day.

Bearded Dragons and BBQ!

I never did a week in review post like I usually do on Monday – mainly because we all had the day off and ended up being fairly busy!  Over the weekend we had a bunch of friends over for BBQ and to hang out and it was a blast.  The weather was really nice and perfect for the kids to run around and later on to make s’mores. We FINALLY pulled out the fire pit.

It was nice having a three day weekend, even if the kids were a tad cranky come Sunday due to being up WAY past their bedtime. Whoops.  Isn’t that what summer is for, though?  It’s always so hard to end all of the fun.

We’ve been pulling out the board games a lot these past couple of weeks as well.  Phoebe doesn’t always have the patience for them, but Enzo loves playing – his new favorite being Sorry.  (Yes, that is fake poop on his head).

We also had his preschool graduation on the 26th.  I can’t believe it.  He’s very upset that he has to wait until September to go to Kindergarten, however.  I had to explain to him about summer vacation and he was not having it.

He’s growing up in so many ways and even Uzi is appreciating that he is a bit more calm lately (at least at times).  Haha!

Our biggest news, though, has to be our new Bearded Dragon, Bowser.  We have talked for a while about getting one and ages ago Josh picked up a tank setup for super cheap, but we finally decided to pull the trigger on Monday.  He has absolutely stolen our hearts and I had no idea just how social they are!  He loves to be taken out of his terrarium and I’m thinking we might go sit in the sun this weekend. If Josh lets me, that is. He’s really more Josh’s pet than mine, but I can’t help but love pretty much all animals. 😉

Unsolved Mysteries – The Death of Tom Selleck

I suppose I should state the obvious and clarify that the well-known actor Tom Selleck has not died, but rather his fish doppelgänger.

It all began a few weeks ago when we (Josh) got a larger fish tank.  So, when you get a larger fish tank, you obviously have to buy more fish, right?  Everything seemed to be going swimmingly (har har) until about a week ago.  If this were a true crime drama, it would be now that ominous music starts up.  Just a few days ago we found Bagooie floating at the top of the tank… WITHOUT EYES.

While it’s not terribly unusual for fish to eat one another (apparently, I’m told) we’ve never had this happen before, so the discovery was a tad disturbing.  Because Bagooie was one of the original fish we bought, we didn’t think too much of his passing and life continued on. Until… Pizza (a bright pink fish) was swimming around and it became apparent that she? he? Was missing an eye.  Someone had actually eaten her/his eye while he/she was ALIVE.  Clearly a sociopath is at work and we began to question whether or not Bagooie’s death was truly accidental.

The plot thickened yesterday when poor Tom Selleck was found belly up.  Tom was my fish and had been really healthy, so his death was very sudden and unexpected. Now, there was a very unfortunate accident that occurred when Josh forget to put the sensor for the heater into the tank after he cleaned it, so it’s possible he overheated?  If that’s the case, though, why are all the other fish fine?  Does Josh have a vendetta?  He is, after all, the one who keeps finding them dead.  Or is it perhaps Chuck Norris, our very small Red-Tailed shark (not an actual shark)?  Is it one of the larger fish?  Who is this murderer in the night?

To be continued… when the killer is caught.

And, no, Vega is not a suspect… though I’m pretty sure she wishes she had been the one to get the fish.