Photo Dump – Room Switch Up and Random

I always end up with random photos that don’t get used in blog posts for whatever reason.  For instance the “before” and “in progress” photos of the kids’ room switch up.  I still need to take photos of everything all finished… if only they would keep both rooms clean long enough for me to do so.  Haha!  Here are the messy during photos, though…

Eventually we’ll get a real bunk bed if they decide they like this arrangement for a while.  Either way, a bunk bed is always nice for sleepovers or if you were me – a fabulous stage for doll plays.

I think the biggest struggle is how to mix their different tastes and styles… Phoebe is all about pink and purple and princesses and unicorns and ponies and Enzo is very much a typical boy who likes super heroes and Skylanders.  We’ll get there.

This was Phoebe’s room during the switch. Her day bed is now downstairs in my office and makes a great King-Sized bed for guests.  I suppose I’ll need to post photos of my office too once I get that organized.

In their finished play room in their new sleeping bags!  They wanted to try them out before our road trip and they’ll be nice for camping too.

Really the only way to eat raspberries.

She’s like a cat… any weird position will do.  I wish I could be comfortable sprawled out however I pleased.


Ha ha, our two mini-me’s.  He’s playing a video game, she’s reading a book.



Instant Pot Magic

Okay, so I finally did it… I bought an Instant Pot.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, unless you’ve been living under a bridge, in which case you should maybe rethink your life choices because I can think of much better places to reside.  Anyhoo, I decided for it’s maiden voyage that we would make mac ‘n cheese because it’s something everyone loves and it seemed simple enough. I apologize in advance for not taking more pictures… if you are ever at our house during mealtimes, you’ll understand why it’s sometimes very difficult to take photos between the distractions of cats and children.

Bottom line, it’s so easy to use and I love all of the settings and how big it is.  Now… is it actually quicker?  Usually, if only by a few minutes.  The one thing you have to take into account is that while it may only take a few minutes to cook something, you have to add in 10-15 minutes for it to actually reach pressure before it starts cooking and then another 10 minutes I think for the pressure to naturally release (NR).  This recipe called for Quick Release (QR) and I was not prepared…  I had to quickly get a towel to cover up a 3 foot steam geyser of a combination of water and butter (which the noodles had been cooking in).  It was messy to say the least.  All in all, though, it took about 15-20 minutes tops to make and it made a huge amount and was super tasty.

I’ve also done hardboiled eggs and they came out almost perfectly… I think I could have done a minute less.  I’m excited to try a whole chicken and I also love that I now have a second slow cooker, because you can use this for that as well!  I can’t wait to try the saute feature and I’m going to try my hand at yogurt soon too, so I’ll share how that turns out. Did I mention it’s easy to clean too?  I think even easier to clean than our rice cooker, so we may get rid of that eventually.

I’m really excited about this kitchen gadget.


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Day In The Life – Spring Edition

It’s time for another Day In The Life post!  I decided to use the new camera again, but I’m still getting used to it (which explains some of the graininess and whatnot).


Josh – 37 years old

Heather – 34 years old

Enzo – 4 years old (for 2 more weeks)

Phoebe – 3 years old

Ziggy – 14, Uzi, 12, Vega 1

In typical fashion our Saturday started early.  Enzo and Josh were up first because Enzo is not a fan of sleeping in, and I stayed snuggled up in bed with Phoebe for a while longer until she woke up wanting to know where Daddy was.  She then dramatically whined that she wanted Enzo and Daddy to go back to bed, cuddled with me and then started talking about how she wanted a pink house with pink duckies and penguins to snuggle.  Then she asked if I would get up and play with her.

So, I crawled out of bed and our day began.

I don’t know how kids just wake up and go go go.  As soon as we walked into the playroom, she started pulling out ponies and I just kind of sat waiting for the sleep to leave my eyes.

Vega soon wandered into the room as well, probably wanting breakfast.

At some point I talked Phoebe into letting me go get some coffee and check out the sunrise.  I knew it was going to be a beautiful day and the birds were happily chirping outside.

Coffee and a book.  Someday, Someday, Maybe is one of those easy reads I figured I’d try out since I like Lauren Graham.

I went and snuggled up on the couch with Enzo while Phoebe played… somewhere and Josh I think was with her.

He doesn’t snuggle that often anymore, so I’m all over these moments when he out of the blue comes and sits as close to me as possible. Alas, I had to get up at some point, so he sat with his Dad and they both played video games for a while.

I checked on Phoebe who was in our bed and asked if she still wanted to go to Costco with me (she did), so I figured I’d better get things moving so we could get there earlier rather than later.

Time to feed the kitties!

And myself… blurry, but yummy and satisfying.

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Week in Review – The One Where I Tried to Be Healthier…

Happy Monday!

Linking up with Meghan from Clean Eats, Fast Feets for another Week in Review!

It’s been a fairly busy week leading up to our vacation, and this week in particular I decided I’d try to be a little extra healthy in anticipation of eating while traveling.  Sure, I’ve stocked up on healthy snacks, but let’s face it… when you’re on vacation you tend to not always eat your best and it is what it is.  So I figured I’d try out some different juices and things this week. That’s a good enough way to hopefully cut down on some bloat and avoid carbs and all that good stuff…. it didn’t go as planned.

This juice was surprisingly very tasty and delicious.  It also gave me false hope because not all juices are created equally.

This juice showed me that I don’t do grass.  I am not a rabbit or a cow or any other grass eating mammal and therefore should not be drinking grass because it tastes like…well, ass.

I had to eat a Kit-Kat bar to get the taste out of my mouth.  You win this round Overly Healthy Green Juice.

I can’t even believe it’s actually April, and I flipped my work calendar this week.

Over the weekend I took a lot of photos for an upcoming Day In The Life Post, because it’s that time again!

The most exciting part being the new bikes I picked up for the kids.  It’ll take some getting used to, especially for Phoebe since the bike she wanted is a tad taller than Enzo’s and she’s just a little small still.  They may have been more excited for their helmets… which Enzo wore on his almost too tiny trike while he waited for his big bike.

Honestly, I’m just excited that both kids (Enzo especially) hopped on the new much taller bikes with zero fear. Even when Enzo crashed, he got back on again, which is such a huge step for him. He used to be terrified to even ride down the driveway because of the slight incline.

Finishing up the weekend, our house/cat sitters came over to go over the ropes on the cats needs.  So grateful to have friends and family who willingly watch over the cats and house while we’re away.


Reading… Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

Watching (on TV)… Game of Thrones, Girls, Call the Midwife (its back!!!)

Watching (movies)… Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Light Between Oceans

Listening to… A little bit of everything in order to put together some mixes for our road trip.  A road trip goes so much better with good tunes.

Drinking… Smoothies, Coffee, Tea, not as much wine

Eating… Too many April Fools Cupcakes. I’m kind of glad they’re all gone now. Ha!

Planning… Warm weather projects, both inside and out.

Feeling… Excited and happy!

Organizing… Not much really. I have things I need to organize, but I’ll wait until we get home.

Thankful… That it is almost vacation time!  We didn’t go anywhere last year, so this vacation is long overdue!

Loving… How much better I feel when I take my Super B12 B Complex. I have more energy and I feel like my mood is improved a lot as well.

Smiling… At the massive amounts of art the kids bring home each day.  For a while, Phoebe was the artist, but Enzo has started drawing a lot lately (people especially) and creates fantastic stories to go with them like the one about a potato and two mad guys.

Thoroughly enjoying… That it is spring!  We’ve been opening the windows and enjoying some amazing sunrises.