Pink Eye and Gluttony

I have many photos of Vega, most of which are from a couple of months ago when she was new and more cooperative in front of a camera. Also… when she was much thinner.


Why do I have this feeling we’re going to be seeing our local vet a lot more this year?  First off, Uzi has been doing better since I took him in. He doesn’t feel quite as thin, but he also hasn’t regained the weight he lost, however it doesn’t seem to be a concern because the vet didn’t say anything when we were there yet again this past weekend.  I was worried that Vega had scratched his eye because it was a little swollen and had major goop… turns out he had kitty pink eye.

Now, thanks to Google I need to verify that Vega doesn’t have worms.  If it isn’t worms, well, she’s just overweight and we should still do something.  Hooray for pets!  At least Vega seems to be fine otherwise so maybe it is just fat… I really should stay away from Google. Josh banned me from WebMd long ago for the same reasons. Virtually all symptoms for man and cat alike can be linked to cancer or something awful so it’s really a miracle we’re even alive still.




You be you, Vega, even if that is a fat version of you.