Probably just the plague…

Okay, maybe that’s a tad over dramatic, but as of now I only feel like I’m slightly exaggerating. Okay, it’s really not that bad, I just happen to have caught the cold that is making the rounds pretty much everywhere and my head is stuffed and I’m achy and my ears are plugged and I kind of want to just sleep.  I blame part of this on Daylight Savings.  Phoebe was doing so good with bedtime, and now?  She won’t stay in bed and is back to waking up and needing me to crawl into bed with her.


She’s lucky she’s cute.  Enzo is still hit or miss at bedtime, but is having more good nights where has long as the door is cracked wide open and we have to tiptoe around he will stay in bed. Phoebe, on the other hand has been getting out of her bed and will try and open her door, find it closed and then start calling, “Mommy?” When that doesn’t work she starts knocking on the door.  Thankfully last night she did agree to stay in her bed like Enzo if I left the door (actually) just cracked. They were finally out by 8:30.


I’m really hoping to just kick this cold soon as it’s made a mess of the week and any meal plans have been thrown out the window and we actually ate donuts and strawberries for dinner one night. I had zero energy and figured Enzo’s idea was good enough for me. The past few nights Phoebe has said she doesn’t feel good either so we’ve been hanging out in my bed watching Mickey Mouse while the boys play video games. They each get what is supposed to be about half an hour, but that’s been a bit more this week.  Thankfully we’re in for a busy weekend, though, so we’ll be out and about.


 Also… how is it Thursday already?  At least only more day in the work week!