A spring in my step

I think it must be the weather, but lately even when I don’t feel all that energized, I still feel like I need to move and it’s a good feeling. The sun comes up early and even if I still want to sleep, I enjoy seeing those first rays of sunshine that peek up over the horizon and listening to the birds singing outside. The kids enjoy it too and often want to go outside right away once they see the sun is up. Admittedly I don’t always mind drinking my cup of coffee outside, unless it’s wet out, which it has been most mornings. Thankfully the deck gets the majority of our sun and nobody has to wait for long to get outside.


Since it always gets so hot in the afternoons during the summer, I’m thinking of going on morning walks with the kids on the weekend. It’s a good way to start the day and I love how quiet everything tends to be in the early hours. Even thinking about it and looking outside gives me a bounce in my step. I’m not a runner (AT ALL), but lately I’ve had the urge to run and when we were camping and Enzo and I started to get rained on we both ran/jogged and it felt surprisingly good. My knees always ache after running, but it was kind of freeing to run in the rain with him.  I’ve noticed on days where I get in my lunchtime walk I just tend to feel a bit more energized the rest of the afternoon and less irritable. Amazing what a little movement, fresh air and sunshine (or apparently even rain) will do for the soul.