Things They Say (and Do)

First, I’m ecstatic that tomorrow the high is supposed to be 55 degrees! I’d love to get out with the kids, but we have some stuff that needs to be done around the house and it’ll just be me in the afternoon through Sunday morning, so do I want to try and wrangle the kids by myself?  I’d hate to go anywhere that needs a stroller otherwise I’ll just be chasing them around like a lunatic with a stroller and unable to keep them under control. Let’s face it… all children go nuts the first time it gets this warm after months and months of winter.

We’ve had a fairly mild winter, but the kids haven’t been outside nearly enough, which I only just discovered the other day.  We also realized that this would account for some behavioral issues. We assumed they were being plenty active still and were probably allowing too much screen time.


I just found out from Enzo that there have been several days where movies have been watched and for Enzo that plus getting some screen time in the morning and evening is way too much. So, we’re cutting back and hoping his mood is better. I think even he realizes he’s had too much because he’s only argued a little bit and has been okay with more creative play.  Now if we could just get Josh off his phone. 😉


Phoebe is really such a typical girl and loves playing with dolls and houses. Enzo plays with her houses and Minnie stuff as well, but the bad guys are usually destroying it and his super heroes need to catch them.  They each have their own very creative ways of playing with the same toys.


Enzo is still very much wanting to read, so we need to get on that. The other day he wanted me to stop so he could try and read a sign, so we really need to work on helping him reach this next milestone. Phoebe likes to pretend to read books and when she can’t remember the words she’ll just make up words and sounds.


More than anything, though, they both have huge imaginations and play really well together, and by themselves.  It’s pretty fun when they ask for someone to play with, although, with Phoebe I’ve found it’s safer to just watch her. She’s very particular with how she plays and I usually do the wrong thing. My bad, Phoebe, of course the toilet goes in the kitchen and we are most definitely not playing with that Minnie, but the other Minnie, my bad.


There is always a method to their madness when it comes to play. An absolutely adorable method. They do sometimes get frustrated with each other when their ideas don’t quite mesh, but overall they’ve found a pretty good rhythm and there have only been a few Jerry Springer moments to speak of.


My favorite Enzo and Phoebe sayings lately, though?

Enzo: Did a full on “Heavens to Murgatroid!” at dinner when Phoebe did a big sneeze. It was amazing.

Phoebe: “Daddy hit me!” Yeah… she thinks it’s funny to say so-and-so (usually her friends) hit her or bit her, but then we had to have the It’s-only-funny-until-CPS-gets-called-on-daddy Talk. The fact that she has zero grace and always has cuts and bruises would not help her poor dad out.  Oh, kids.

Happy Friday!