The Leavings

I had plans to write something slightly more thought-provoking and even existential, but I got distracted.  My super awesome husband picked up a telescope for me at a thrift store and even cleaned it up (there was a dead spider skeleton on it, so there was no way I was going to), but now we need to find out more about it.  So… I’m looking at joining the local astronomy club and finally fulfilling some of my childhood dreams – my original dream being to become an astronaut, but I projectile vomit when riding twirling rides and hate math, so it was never meant to be.


So, I figured now was as good of a time as any to clear out some of the photos that were meant to be shared previously, but I never got around to it for one reason or another, and yet hate the thought of just deleting them.


I could have sworn I had shared this one.  I love those chubby little feet and I love that she is still this snuggly.




What is this magical red light that I must have?


Just sitting in the cupboard.  Move along.



Cookie making leftover pictures.  I was rushed, which explains the plastic baggies that only so-so worked.

Processed with VSCOcam

One more ice castle picture.  So cold.


All they books they hardly read anymore. I can’t quiet bring myself to get rid of them yet, though.

Okay, I think we’re caught up now!

2 thoughts on “The Leavings

  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    I always wanted to be an archaeologist and then I found out they got paid nothing to dig in the dirt and ruin their nails. Sure, sure, there’s more to it than that….it’s nice to follow a dream later in life though.

    1. Heather

      I can understand that, though. I also started the process of becoming a flight attendant when I was younger… until I realized they also make hardly any money, especially the first few years.

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