Friday Wrap-Up and Rambles

Technically I’m writing this on Thursday because I’m taking the day off tomorrow… or rather, today. Since I can’t be on a beach somewhere warm with a cocktail in hand and a cool breeze, I’ll make do with a random day off with my husband. By the time this posts we’ll have been to breakfast, watched Deadpool and probably accomplished some adulting because responsibilities never go away.

I’m probably going to start sounding like a crazy cat lady soon, but it is what it is. Vega still has that new car smell, if you will. My hands are in need of serious help, though, and I’m this close to chopping off my hair if I end up with another claw hooked in my face. She’s really sweet… except for when she isn’t, and in typical kitten fashion she thinks all limbs and hair are toys and/or something to kill.


This morning we woke up to Enzo screaming because Vega had attacked his foot, which he must have been wiggling. About 15 minutes later, though, she was apparently as sweet as could be because we could hear Phoebe talking to her in her room.  It was really very sweet. Then Vega came back into our room and flopped on my chest with her butt on Enzo’s face and proceeded to give me a bath. Enzo thought it was hilarious and they are friends again.


Uzi is still not a fan of Vega’s and for the most part neither is Ziggy, though they both tolerate her orneriness.  Vega has already figured out that once Ziggy has gotten comfortable she is unlikely to move and will put up with almost anything, so that’s when she attempts to make friends.  I keep telling her once she stops chasing Uzi and Ziggy around they’ll be much more likely to let her snuggle, but in the meantime I think they’re all getting their needs met.  We are a house of furry, crazy, chaos.