21 Months

I feel like I just did a monthly update on our little girl, which just goes to show how quickly this summer is flying by.  This past month we’ve seen a lot more of Phoebe’s personality and she is becoming more independent – or at least is trying to become more independent.  She may not like to admit it, but she does actually still need us… especially for snuggles in the middle of the night.  Those we’re still doing, however, we’ve now had a couple of nights that she has remained in her crib until morning.  We’ve discovered that if Josh goes in instead of me she is more likely to go back to sleep… sometimes.  There are still those nights where she realizes it’s him and starts crying for “Mama” to come get her.


Aside from hating getting dressed… and often getting undressed, there are a lot of things she loves right now.  High on the list is Minnie Mouse.  She loves Minnie and would prefer it if it were Minnie Mouse Clubhouse, but she generally likes the entire Clubhouse gang and would watch that and only that every day.  She also likes pink… a lot.  She points it out and gets happy when I buy her pink things to wear. Ha ha.  On that note, she loves the pink shoes she got from her cousin Aubrey and gets excited anytime she gets new shoes now.  If she starts dancing around in front of you, it’s quite possible that it’s because she’s wearing new ones and wants you to notice them.


As far as eating goes, it’s very hit or miss with our gal.  What she loves one day she will pout and firmly say “No” to the next day.  She and her brother ate and entire container of strawberries the other day and she nearly finished off an entire container of blueberries all by herself before that.  One important thing I’ve learned is that she’s far more likely to eat something if she can serve herself, so if it’s a fruit or veggie, I try to give her that option.  She’ll also eat her weight in homemade mac n cheese and bacon. When she found out we were having breakfast for dinner last night, she immediately sat in her chair and would look at me expectantly and ask for bacon. I had to keep explaining dinner wasn’t quite ready yet. 😉


She still loves to dance and sing and has started counting.  She doesn’t get all the numbers in the correct order, but more or less she can count up to 13.  I heard her in the living room and went and peeked to see her moving the beads on the abacus as she counted.  She recognizes a lot of letters and shapes and is doing well with colors.  She often surprises me with something new she’s learned, and I’m sure having an older brother has helped a lot.  Thanks to Enzo being so polite lately, Phoebe has been especially good saying “Please” and “Thank you.”


It’s fascinating to watch her change… sometimes overnight.  Oh, how I love my sassy girl.

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  1. Joanne

    Such a personality! I think I need to try this dancing around when I’m wearing new shoes technique. Sounds pretty genius to me.

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