Lazy day at the beach

Not counting California, we’ve only gone swimming once this summer… several weeks ago.  Not quite as often as I had originally planned, but what can I say? Neither Josh or I are very big swimmers, even though we do like the water.  The kids are still getting plenty of water exposure, though, and are enjoying water days more and more.  They do love sand, however, and that’s one thing we don’t have at home so we should probably try and take them to the beach at least once more before the summer ends.


Enzo’s an old pro at this point when it comes to wet sand and building castles, but Phoebe was a tad reluctant for me to even put her down. After a little coaxing (and once she saw Enzo digging in) she decided she was ready to get down, but she absolutely did not want to get her feet wet. Ha ha. That meant she also did not want me going in the water with Enzo, but he was having such a good time splashing in the water and didn’t even panic when he fell and got water in his face.


Eventually they both got more brave and Enzo decided he wanted to go further out than usual while Phoebe finally figured out that a little water between your toes isn’t such a bad thing. She didn’t necessarily want to go in the water, but before I knew it I was fetching her bucket after bucket of water so that she could dump it on herself.   It was a nice victory.  It’s funny how they surprise me in random ways almost every day.


4 thoughts on “Lazy day at the beach

  1. Sharon

    That is such a nice lake, very cool you have a beach. It’s not near as intimidating as the ocean.

    Love you!

    1. Heather

      I think you’re right… I actually love water (even though I can’t really swim), but really prefer a swimming pool without sand.

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