4th of July…

It’s only been more than a month, but better late than never, right?  The 4th of July weekend was a busy one for sure, but it was so much fun to introduce the kids to the joy of carnivals and staying up way past their bedtime to watch fireworks.  We decided to start things off at A Taste of Minnesota and then to meet up with family later on.   Enzo was excited about the rides and wanted to try out several, and Phoebe decided she was okay with a slow moving truck ride.  Enzo was really excited about the giant slide (as always) and this one was pretty fast.  Phoebe watched them go down and insisted she wanted to go as well, but… she was not a fan.  We thought maybe she’d enjoy the pony rides since Enzo did at that age, but once again… not a fan and she immediately wanted off.  Oh well. Enzo was also a trooper after he chipped his tooth on one of my least favorite rides.  Poor guy was in pain off and on throughout the day.









After nap time we went to Delano for their 4th of July carnival and to meet up with Josh’s sister and her family.  We immediately wished we had just spent the day there and skipped the Taste of Minnesota, but now we know for next year.  Enzo was stoked to see his cousin Aiden and they were both ready to hit up all the rides.  Phoebe still wanted to try a few, but more often than not was just too scared.  Enzo won his first carnival prize (a snake) throwing balls into cups and both kids got a couple of inflatable guitars.





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Despite staying up way past their bedtimes, Enzo was full of energy and didn’t want to stop, but it was suddenly fireworks time and we had been warned that it would pretty loud if we were too close, so we tried to get back to the van as quick as possible.  Unfortunately, we were still walking when the fireworks started and Phoebe (who was asleep on my back by this time) and Enzo were both a little startled by the noises and lights and had no idea what was happening.  We sat in the back of the van and watched the show while Phoebe dosed on and off, and Enzo went back and forth between thinking it was neat and also scary.  Maybe next year they’ll enjoy it more. 😉

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