Camping: Part 2

Paul Bunyan Land is one of those kind of over-priced, small-town amusement parks that you go to because it’s random and there isn’t a whole lot else to do.  It’s kind of cheesy in a fun way, really only has a handful of rides for kids (most of which aren’t running all the time), a petting zoo and some wacky dioramas.  It also has This Old Village, which is kind of fun, but we didn’t have time for it with the kids.   Right away Enzo saw a few rides that he wanted to go on, and a few more that he stared at for a while, but said, “Maybe next time when I’m bigger.”


Phoebe was fairly nervous and since they wouldn’t allow parents on the rides with small kids, we took a gamble putting her on a ride alone with Enzo after previous experiences.  She held on for dear life, but I think she was okay because her big brother was next to her having a blast.  They both loved the train (of course) and the boat was also a big hit, which sort of surprised me. I figured Phoebe would panic when the ride operator picked her up and plopped her in the boat rather than me, but she thoroughly enjoyed it.




We didn’t stay all that long since the kids were getting hot and tired.  We grabbed some lunch before piling into the van and driving around for a while in the hopes that we could lull the kids into a nap before heading back to camp. It took a while, but it did eventually work, and since we knew it would be another late night a nap was kind of a necessity.  They were refreshed and happy once we got back to camp and ready to pull out the bubble wands because bubbles = magic. Like most kids, though, that only last so long, so we decided to go for a longer walk and to visit the river again.









Unfortunately, we had to turn around before we got to our historical destination… we were getting swarmed by mosquitoes in a bad way.  Still, it was good exercise for the kids and we hoped all of our tramping around would tire them both out.  After dinner Phoebe seemed ready to settle down, so I stripped her down to her diaper and she was much happier.  She and I stayed in the tent for a bit until it was time for marshmallow roasting. Phoebe wasn’t interested, but Enzo greatly enjoyed his first mallow roasting experience.



The next morning we started packing up right after breakfast.  We didn’t want to be home too late and thought it best if we left ourselves some time to put stuff away and relax.  Ha ha, isn’t camping supposed to be relaxing?  In time, I’m sure it will be more so when we don’t have to mess with diapers, preschoolers who are afraid of port-a-potties (for good reason – I hate campground potties), and when the kiddos are just more grown up in general.  Overall, though?  I’d say it was successful.


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