Another Big Boy Bed

On one of our more recent trips to IKEA with the kids, we decided to make a completely random and unplanned purchase.  This particular idea was all Enzo, and Josh and I were hopeful that it would be a game changer.  His idea was… a loft bed.  We couldn’t help but agree that it would be a fun setup for his room, and would actually free up a lot of floor space.  More importantly, we hoped that it would make bedtime easier as he has never been a big fan of settling down for the night.


As you can imagine, both kids wanted to help put it together, so I did my best to keep them amused while Josh did the easy work *wink*.  I let them play in the rain for a bit and then both decided to strip down and run around… a fairly common occurrence in our house.  The funny thing is that Phoebe is usually the one requesting to take all her clothes and diaper off and if anyone takes an article of clothing off – even if just to change into something else – she will start trying to take all of her clothes off and demand that you disrobe her so she can be free.


Anyhoo, the more the bed came together, the more excited Enzo got and he was thrilled when he was finally able to give his new bed a whirl.  We had picked up sheets on the way home from IKEA and the quilt was made by his great-grandma and was the perfect size.  Josh and I high-fived and Phoebe may have pouted a tad since she’s too little to climb up top by herself.


As for whether or not it’s actually improved our bedtime routine, well… sort of?  It improved for a while, but we still have those nights where it is really hard to keep Enzo in his room and get him to go to lay down.  Part of the problem could be due to the rain we’ve been getting that has meant less outdoor time that usually wears him out.  I know the rain the past few days has been messing me up as well and I’m a tad stir crazy since I haven’t been getting as many walks in.  You can only wander Target for so long, you know?


Overall, Enzo really does love his new bed, though, and he and Phoebe often play in the nook area together.  It may not have completely changed his sleep habits, but I’d still say it was a good change and something that was fun for Enzo to be a part of choosing.


3 thoughts on “Another Big Boy Bed

  1. Sharon

    Love that smile. You will actually never remember the lost night sleeps once the years go by. I don’t remember the first 2 years of your life when you didn’t seem to sleep at all. Happy thoughts and I am glad he likes his bed.

    Love you!

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