17 Months

It’s amazing what a difference a month, or sometimes even a week can make in the life of a toddler. We’re at that fun age where Enzo is getting really good at copying and tries to mimic words all the time now. It’s awesome, plus is starting to make things much easier in the communication department because he can actually tell us what he wants!  Hopefully I’m not repeating myself too much, but here is what Enzo is up to lately.


Favorite Words/Phrases/Etc.

-“Go Away.” This is actually pretty cute because we’ve had a fly problem lately because someone keeps leaving the screen door open *cough* Enzo *cough* so he’ll wave his hand at them and tell them to “Go way.”

-“No, Mine.”  Still a favorite.

-Hi and Bye. He says “Bye” more often, though, or “Buh-bye” rather.

-Meow. His latest thing, which he says when he sees his stuffed kitty and the really kitties, usually followed by “Oh no” because the cats run away from him. Pretty much all animals says “Meow” though, except cows – he’s getting good with recognizing that they say “Moo.”

-Jump – Or something that sounds kind of like “Djump” with more D than J, followed by the action.  Poor kid gets pretty frustrated when he can’t get his feet to leave the ground at the same time, though.

-He started saying “Thank you” or rather “Tank Ooo” just recently and he is starting to say “More Peez” as well, but that takes a little more coaxing.  He likes to hand you things and say “Tank Ooo” such as when emptying the cupboards or the dishwasher.


He is also still pretty obsessed with balls and cars/trucks, as well as slides, and (to my dismay) climbing. The kid tries to climb just about everything, and while he’s pretty careful we’ve had those moments where some big tumbles have occurred and we’re lucky he hasn’t broken something, especially now that he thinks falling on purpose can be oh so much fun.


The kiddo is definitely growing up and sometimes it surprises me how independent he is at times and how stubborn he can be as well, though that really shouldn’t surprise me. 😉 The switch from crib to toddler bed has gone really well overall, though we made some other bedroom changes that threw him off, and he’s been wanting to sleep with us the majority of the time, so we’re working on that.  He also suddenly decided he no longer needs a nighttime bottle. Just like that.  It used to be such an integral part of bedtime, but I guess that changed once his bedroom became more of a big boy room. Now he wants to read books (mostly him to us) and we do struggle a little getting him to settle down for bed. Often we’ll leave the room and he’ll start banging on the door to be let out, but we’re hoping he’ll get used to the new routine soon.   Now it’s just other weird little changes in personality we have to work with, such as not wanting to have his diaper changed or not wanting to take a bath.  The fun never ends! 😉