2 Months

Well… 2 months certainly snuck up on us, didn’t it?  Our little lady is officially 2 months old and now weighs 10 pounds 10 ounces and is 22.75 long. (She was 6 pounds 11 ounces when she was born and 20.5 inches long).  She got her shots on Monday and only cried for about a minute, so she’s a toughie.  We’re not sure if the experience stressed her out, though, or if she has a mild tummy bug because I got a call later from day care that she had projectile spit-up an entire bottle and didn’t want to eat again and was inconsolable.  Thankfully she was okay when we got her home and after we gave her some Tylenol, and she seems to be back to herself again.


We thought we got lucky with what an easy baby Enzo was, but I think this little girl might be even easier.  Sure, she’s a really slow eater and tends to fall asleep while doing so, so feedings take a while, but she is one of the happiest babies.  She doesn’t fuss all that often, and more often than not you can find her taking everything in and smiling as sweetly as can be when something delights her (and a lot seems to).  She likes music and fun lights, and soft things, though she isn’t sure yet what to make of the cats. While Enzo often gets the most smiles, she gives her Mama and Papa pretty big smiles as well and a chuckle now and then to boot!


So far we’re still attempting babywearing (as we did with Enzo), but like her brother she hasn’t been a fan of the ring sling or the Baby Bjorn. I still try and put her in now and then to get her used to the idea, but this girl likes to move and just fusses when I try and get her situated.  While she likes to be held, she more often than not would rather be laying down on a blanket or play mat so she can wriggle and move rather than being held or in a bouncy chair or swing.  I’m still hopeful we can get her to warm up to a carrier since that would make traveling so much easier… I guess we’ll see!

One thought on “2 Months

  1. Sharon

    She’s so pretty, my guess is that the shot upset her. I use to give you guys Tylenol before I got you the shot just so it would take effect before hand. I’m so glad she is an easy baby and happy it seems, eating slow is probably a good thing and I bet she will be that way the rest of her life. Enjoy your wonderful family. Love you all!

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