20 Months

It suddenly dawned on me that Phoebe is almost 2… well, 4 months away from it, but it still seems awfully close.  At times she seems so much older, and yet also so much younger.  She is catching up to Enzo in terms of size, but she’s not quite as independent.  More often than not, she is my shadow and the request I hear most often is “Up.”  If she cries in the night (pretty much every night) I have to go in and pick her up otherwise she will typically throw a sleepy tantrum if Josh tries to soothe her.  My cuddle bug usually finds her way into our bed every night, followed frequently by her big brother.  However, this arrangement may not last long, especially as we’ve reached the “He/she’s touching me” phase. She does, however, still fall asleep wherever and whenever.


Our lady is a talker  and is starting to use a lot more 2-3 word sentences, which is both fun and helpful.  We still have plenty of miscommunications, but it’s always fun when she uses new words, phrases and even inflections.  There are times when she also uses hand gestures that are pretty darn cute like when asking where someone/something is.  Since we’ve been back from vacation she often asks where her cousins are, especially “Aubee” (Aubrey).  She misses having a big girl to play with.


While she doesn’t often have full blown tantrums, Miss Phoebe can certainly be feisty when she wants to be.  Usually when she’s being defiant she just smiles at you while she continues to be naughty, but she has her moments where she’ll run over and hit you to get disdain across and yell and scream a bit.  Honestly, her tantrums are kind of laughable, which is nice.  I am not fond of the hair pulling, hitting and occasional biting, however.


She has become a bit more picky when it comes to food, and we’ve reached the stage where she now knows what wonderful things “treats” are (given as rewards – usually to her brother for staying dry overnight/etc, but he shares them with her).  She prefers chocolate milk to regular milk now and juice over water… sigh.  She has also started turning her nose up at veggies, so I need to get more creative.  The stinker has also discovered what a lovely thing ice cream is and I confess she got spoiled one night after they were supposed to be asleep, but she kept crying and crying so I caved and brought her to our bed early.  We happened to be eating ice cream and neither of us could resist her charms and how sweetly she says “Please” with sign language  while saying “More” and “Mine?”  We’re going to have to make it up to your big brother, little lady.


She takes full advantage of being the baby, and in true younger sibling fashion pesters her older brother fairly frequently and doesn’t realize she’s actually pestering… well, sometimes she doesn’t know, and sometimes he only pretends she’s bothering him.  We all love this spunky, happy girl and the light she shines.


5 thoughts on “20 Months

  1. Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood

    She is too cute! My 13 month old has been learning allllll about tantrums lately, and they’re definitely not fun. Just looking at those pictures, reading the post makes me realize how much of a difference 7 months makes! She looks so big compared to my little guy.

    1. Heather

      Yep, it’s amazing when they’re under 2 how much they can change… even beyond that, but it seems like the first 2-3 years have the most significant changes. Of course, I say that now… I suppose it could change. Ha ha!

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