After having a rough night’s sleep last night and having to work until 10:00 tonight, I’m looking forward to an exhausting week being over with. It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday. Josh had an interview yesterday which they chose someone else for. Josh isn’t too upset about that one because it wasn’t his first choice, but apparently they made it sound like he wasn’t chosen because they thought he would bored, so it’s probably a good thing. Our fingers are really crossed for his interview today, though. He thinks it went well, better than the interview yesterday, so that’s a good sign.

This weekend shouldn’t be too busy, although we have a party to go to Saturday night and we will probably go see a movie. I think we’ll go see ‘Coraline’ which looks good. I can’t think of what else is playing right now. We are super exicted about ‘Watchmen’ though and will be taking that day off, well, at least I’ll be taking off from my day job. I have to work that night, so we’re going to see the first matinee of the day. Other than that, not too much else. We’re supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow which seems ridiculous considering what a beautiful day it is today, but it happens. Josh said the squirrels figured out how to get into the other bird feeder. He hasn’t been able to get a picture yet, but is going to keep trying. :p It definitely explains why there is so much bird seed on the ground, though. They climb the screen on the window and then jump onto it and hang because they’re too big, so it tips and all the seed falls out. Apparently Uzi was going nuts watching this happen and while one squirrel did that, the other was fat and happy sitting in the other feeder. Little stinkers. It’s too funny. We’re going to have the most obese squirrels on the block. :p

Oooh – and as of a few minutes ago I’m getting a haircut on Friday… with another new person. The other girl I went to a few months ago isn’t there anymore. Go figure. I miss Lisa Marie – she was awesome. Maybe I should schedule an appointment with her while we’re in Durango in May! I might have the extra money to spend and it would be soooo worth it. I’ll think about it. :p

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  1. BreezyAnne-a + Fam

    Hey! I’d love to see you while your down visiting Durango in May! And best wishes with the new hair cut!- It’s always a bit scary finding someone to cut my hair. And I hope your man gets the job! Best luck with all!! 🙂 Oh and its not the same Gregg Olsen.. I guess the painter only has 1 g at the end of his name… Greg Olsen.

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