5 Months

Where to begin?  I don’t want to sound nauseatingly mushy, but our little Phoebe is beyond sweet and I just want to squish her constantly.


At 5 months old, she is a rolling champ; however she is not always a fan of being on her tummy.

She loves her mobile and will happily smile and kick away in her crib when you turn it on, which is helpful in the morning when she and her brother get up early and we’re rushing around trying to get everyone ready for the day.


She has an infectious laugh when you’re lucky enough to hear it, otherwise her gummy grins are just as enjoyable.

We’ve been working on sitting, but she’d much rather stand and skip that process all together.  She has also been trying to work out the mechanics of crawling, but has some work to do.


Bath time is one of her favorites and she’s even squirmier than her brother was.  We discovered the best way to bathe her is to fill the tub about an inch or so with water and lay her down on a bath mat so she can kick and splash to her little heart’s content.

Uzi approves of her, however, I think her herbal lotion might have something to do with that.  Either way, it’s kind of cute watching him head-butt her and at night he’ll curl up between us and often have a paw on her arm.


She’s a happy and mild tempered girl with wide eyes that see everything and take it all in.


My little, Phoebe, you truly are a bright and shining light.

3 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. Sharon

    She is definitely all of that, I am so happy for all of you and I wish I could be around you all more. Her hair is getting darker, does it have red in it?

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