Depending on who you are, you either take big life changes in stride or you aren’t a fan of change, and acceptance is more gradual. Personally, I love my routines and while I can and do adapt as needed, I much prefer to keep things the same. My day will feel off if I wake up late and my routine has to suddenly change. I become generally more clumsy and scatterbrained, forgetting a myriad of things and bumbling about.


After 4 months I think the cats have finally adapted to our newest addition and the changes that come with a new baby.  I just realized the other day that Ziggy hasn’t pooed on the floor in at least a month or two, (maybe even more!) which is cause for great celebration.  We’ve been letting the cats sleep with us a few nights a week, and I think that’s really made the most difference in Ziggy.  She doesn’t come upstairs unless Enzo is asleep and that meant we rarely saw her and she wasn’t getting a lot of attention. Sure, we don’t always get the most restful sleep with the cats, but at least they carefully step around Phoebe… well, mostly. Ziggy has never been the most graceful of cats and is more likely to waddle over the baby.


I’ve actually enjoyed having the cats upstairs again when they aren’t meowing (Uzi) and waking up the kids or pawing at Enzo’s door (Ziggy) in the middle of the night.  They’ve finally figured out that just because I’m up at 2 am getting Phoebe a bottle does not mean it’s breakfast time, and instead Uzi will curl up in bed with Josh while Ziggy comes and flops next to me feet while I feed Toots.  It’s really the most peaceful time of my day and I don’t mind it all that much… unless I’m super tired, in which case it’s Josh’s turn. 😉


2 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Joanne

    Seems like everyone is getting used to the new addition! It is always interesting to me to see how pets react to a new baby…whether there will be “sibling rivalry” or total acceptance!

    1. hmshoberg

      Thankfully there was only a little bit of sibling rivalry in the beginning, which is probably normal since the cats have been around for more than 10 years. .. Guess I can’t blame them for being a little jealous. :p

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