An acquired taste

Nothing is more eye opening at times than having a child.  It’s funny how your perspective changes and you begin to see things in a different light, and are even amused by the simplest things as you attempt to see them through the eyes of your “mini me.” In the case of solid foods, it’s been fun seeing what foods Enzo seems interested in and which foods are a complete bust (for now).

The funniest experience so far has had to be avocado. I don’t know that he’s ever been so expressive in his faces… kind of awesome. There were times when it looked like he was begging Josh to save him and then he’d kind of ROAR and throw the spoon and bowl down and mash the avocado into the tray.

At least he tried something new. I’ll let the pictures tell the story… they kind of speak for themself.

Needless to say, we probably won’t try avocados again for a while.

2 thoughts on “An acquired taste

  1. Carolyn Shade

    That’s really funny. I’ve heard it can take as many as eight times (or was it more than that?) of trying a food before a baby will decide to like it. Keep trying! One of my nephews (I got two nearly at once) LOVES avocado, and asparagus, both foods I wouldn’t have pegged as instinctual baby foods.

  2. hmshoberg

    Eight times? Wow. I will definitely keep that in mind. I’ll give it some time and then maybe try again… if anything, maybe he’ll like it when we combine it with something else. Haha. :p

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