And then it was Monday…

I forgot how often my weekends were filled with schoolwork last semester. :p Granted, I’m trying to get a little bit ahead, so I spent extra time this last weekend doing lots of reading and note taking and essay writing. We did, however, leave time for a Twins game Friday night since I hadn’t been to the new stadium yet. It’s pretty nice… not that I’ve had much experience with baseball fields. 😉

On Saturday after lots of schoolwork and our bi-monthly shopping, we decided to grill, and thankfully Josh didn’t heat it up before checking under the cover because this little guy would have been toast.

Tree frogs are definitely one of my favorite things about living where we do.

On Sunday morning I pulled out a recipe for Apple Butter Pancakes, which I haven’t made in years. It’s a recipe from the Lightner Creek Inn that I grabbed when I worked there years and years ago.

Josh played games while I worked on schoolwork, I made lasagna, we watched X-Files, and before we knew it, the weekend was pretty much over.

I promise next weekend will be more exciting!

I’m a little nervous thinking about how hot this guy is going to be… I’ve never let a jalapeno get red before.