And then the weekend was over…

The past week was a blur, what with more doctor’s visits and Enzo staying home with his daddy a couple of days.  Nothing serious, just a little pink eye and some tummy issues.


You know the day is going well when you get texts like this:

“The little stinker got to try cat food this morning. He was not impressed.”

Gimme1  Gimme2

Naturally he’s been a little cranky, so we didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, but did have to vacate the house for a showing on Saturday.  I’ll be glad when we sell, if only so we don’t have to worry about showing the house anymore and needing to pack up the kiddo when he isn’t necessarily feeling like it. Things are looking good with the house, though. We’ve had some good showings with decent feedback, so we’re staying positive. It’s always stressful, though, knowing that once we sell we’re going to have to find something for ourselves as quickly as possible and nothing is staying on the market long right now.

Batmobile3 Batmobile1

So, we wait and see and who knows… maybe we’ll have good news soon.  In the meantime, it looks like Enzo will be turning 1 in the first home we bought, which is kind of neat in a silly sentimental kind of way.  He won’t remember this place at all, but this house has seen a lot of firsts.


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