Another great purchase…

Enzo is an awesome baby, but when he’s so little it can be hard to put him just anywhere and considering he spends so much time in the car in his car seat, it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to be in it when we aren’t in the car. Plus he’s kind of small for his stroller still and with his delicate skin, I want to make sure he’s protected from the sun and bugs. We finally got to use the little tent we bought him this weekend and it was awesome. It’s perfect for long days outside because he can kick around on his back then take a much more comfortable nap than he would in a stroller or one someone’s lap.

I think the only downside was that he still got kind of hot (his back was all sweaty) so we may just need to strip him down – it is summer after all.

He did really well at the family BBQ this weekend, though, not that I’m surprised… he’s an awesome baby. 😉  The only time he got fussy was towards the end of the day when he just got a little too hot and tired. I think he passed out as soon as I put him in his car seat, ha ha.  He’s a good little man, though, and is going to make having a second and/or third child much easier. Even if his brother/sister isn’t as easy going as he is… I know I won’t  have to worry about this little man.

One thought on “Another great purchase…

  1. Sharon

    I wish I would have had a little tent like that for you guys when you were little, it would have made being outside so much easier. I glad he is such a good boy for you 🙂

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