Counting…down the minutes until it’s time to start the weekend!

Reading… Crown of Midnight and The Storyteller

Watching… The Great British Bake-Off, Scandal, Outlander, Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural

Listening to… I Am a Gummi Bear Pandora station… kids.

Drinking… Still way too much coffee… and wine.  I need them to live.

Eating… Baked goods. I need to stop making pies and things that are not going to help my waistline.

Organizing… The house. It’s an ongoing project that never stops.

Planning… An escape!  I’m having a mommy morning tomorrow!

Relaxing… By coloring. So glad there are so many more choices for coloring books for adults now!

Snuggling… Children and kitties. They’re all rather jealous of each other.

Participating… In a monthly book related Instagram photo challenge. #booksandteacups

Adjusting… To way too little daylight.  I lay down with the kids in the evening and don’t want to get up.

Attempting… To get the cats on better terms so we can move Vega’s litter box and food downstairs… okay, at least the litter box.

Dreading… Winter. There, I said it, but I’m…

Excited… For twinkle lights and how magical they are in the snow.

Love these pictures from a Haunted House. Ha ha.