I’m in between at the moment and trying to figure out what to read next.  I can’t seem to make up my mind, so I think a library trip is in order.  I obviously have a ton of books in the house that I could reread (and a few I haven’t even read yet), but I’m definitely in one of those ruts where I’m not sure what really sounds good. Contemplating starting ‘Insurgent,’ but since I only thought ‘Divergent’ was so-so, I’m on the fence. I had started rereading the Dresden Files series a while ago, so maybe I’ll pick that up again. I’ve read them a few times before, so the time in between shouldn’t be an issue.


As far as television series go – not much new here, although we did just start watching ‘The Quest’ on Hulu.  It’s a new reality show on ABC, and so far we like the new idea.  It starts out with 12 people and one person gets eliminated each week, but it all takes place in a medieval fantasy type world.  Kind of fun so far.

The last movie we watched was ‘Winter’s Tale’ and this time I really should have looked at what kind of reviews it was getting.  The trailer made it look good, and then we started watching it, and the only thing that could have made me turn it off faster was if Russell Crowe had started singing.  We got through maybe half of it and decided to finally turn it off and just go to sleep.  I think I’ll check out the book, though, because apparently the book is great.


Habanero BBQ almonds. They are ridiculously addictive, but I’m justifying it because almonds are healthy and I am trying to eat healthier.  Just ignore the chocolate bar sitting next to the can.  Dark chocolate doesn’t count, right?  Because it’s… healthier than not dark chocolate??  I’m doomed.  Josh will have to love me if I become a butterball.


That my recovery from surgery is going really well.  My belly is still a little swollen and sore, and while it won’t be perfect, I have a belly button again, so that’s awesome. :p  I already accepted that having kids would change my body a lot and that I probably would never get into a two-piece again, but the belly button thing was driving me crazy.  Yeah, it was mostly cosmetic, but now I feel more motivated to get in shape since I know I won’t have to wear double layers of shirts just to hide the hernia lump where my belly button should have been.

Thinking About

October!  My dad and step-mom are coming out for a visit, so we are looking forward to houseguests.  Now to get the guest room/office/game room ready. :p  It’s actually been the perfect motivation to get things organized and hopefully de-cluttered more before they arrive.  However, thinking about October also means thinking about Fall, and I don’t know that I’m ready for it yet.