Date Night… crafting?

One of the many great things about having a specific bedtime for our kiddos is that we are guaranteed time to ourselves every night.  It may not be much, but it’s better than nothing.  More often than not we’ll either do our own thing, or wind up in front of the TV watching something on Hulu/Netflix/Amazon.  Sometimes this routine can get boring, though, so about a month ago we both found ourselves with little projects we could work on and we decided to make a night of it.



Josh had his Lego Ghostbusters set to put together and I had a little DIY constellation kit thingy that I have literally had since before Enzo was born and it has been sitting and collecting dust.  I can’t even remember where I purchased it from, but thankfully had the good sense to print off the instructions in English at the time.


Because crafting in silence is boring, we put on a movie in the background.  You can’t go wrong with ‘Tremors,’ am I right?


Josh’s creation was fairly straight-forward since Lego is awesome and includes really well-written instructions, but mine I definitely struggled with.

ProjectNight6For starters, I was missing pieces and I quickly discovered that the English instructions were also lacking in areas, and one of the big portions of the project was missing something fairly important. To hell with accuracy, I just wanted to complete the freaking thing at that point.



We have light!  Hooray!  My little project actually ended up being really cool and I meant to get a picture of it all put together, but didn’t.  Basically imagine the night sky stretched across the ceiling, floor and walls.  Enzo was ecstatic when I showed him… and then it stopped working. I tried everything (that I could think of anyway).  Electrical do-dads are not my speciality.  At least Josh’s project doesn’t break. 😉