Dear Car…

Dear New Car,

I love so many things about you…

Your ergonomical seating that I can adjust at the touch of a button.

The cupholders – all 8 of them. Who knew a car could have so many? My first car didn’t even have 1 cup holder. Apparently in 1987 people who drove BMWs didn’t drink in their cars?

Having 4 doors again, so long-legged passengers don’t have to maneuver their way into the back seat anymore.

Buttons on the steering wheel – who knew that not having to reach over to the dash to turn up the volume or change songs would be so handy.

Bluetooth – once again, who knew that being able to push a button to talk on the phone would be so fun? Granted, there have been misunderstandings, but I think myself and the inanimate voice understand each other now.

A bunch of compartments, and even more buttons to push. Did I mention my last car had nothing automatic at all?  No more wrenching my arm off trying to roll down the passenger side window.

We are very excited to take you on our upcoming road trip!

*No this wasn’t sponsored by Hyundai* :p