Elmo, Thomas, and Mickey

It’s amazing how much quickly a toddler’s interests can change, and also funny how some things they will never tire of.  I’m trying to think of what his first real “obsession” was, and I think it was Elmo.  We got him a plush (non-talking version – I’m not crazy), shoes, shirts, books and other paraphernalia and he was happy as a clam.  But then along came Thomas.


All we heard about was Thomas and how he wanted to watch Thomas, so we gave in and watched so much Thomas. His next pair of shoes were Thomas and he got a blanket that he still loves as well as plenty of shirts.  After some time he got his beloved train table and finally some track and trains, which we’ve slowly added onto.  And what little boy doesn’t love hot wheels?  Or grown boy for that matter.



Then came various Disney movies (right now happens to be Tangled) as well as his new obsession – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I had to break down and buy him a couple of DVDs so we didn’t have to keep re-watching the only MMC movie available on Netflix.  We also got him a plush Mickey that he happily carries around with him. The first day he insisted on bringing him to day care, which was pretty cute.

We also have a new obsession with bubbles, which has made bath time even more fun.  Phoebe doesn’t really care one way or the other; she finds Enzo’s antics more amusing or just splashing everything in sight.



And then you have the ridiculously random things that toddlers and babies like such as boxes, bags, balloons, and shoes.  I catch Enzo in my shoes fairly often.  He thinks it’s hilarious to clomp around in them.  It’ll be interesting to see how long Phoebe’s interests stay the same as her brothers.  Obviously right now we have a house full of gender-neutral toys as well as toys geared towards boys or girls, so I wonder if/when she’ll decided she watns to dress like a princess or play with dolls and houses rather than trains and cars.  Maybe she’ll do both like her mama. 😉

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  1. Joanne

    My brother and I loved Thomas as kids, so it’s good to see that this recent generation is still into him! Such cuties your kiddos are.

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