It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when Heather arrived home from work, slightly tired, but happy that the weather had turned sunny. Josh was outside and greeted her with open arms, suggesting they take one of their many walks, as the weather was perfect for it. They would walk down to the lake and watch the water shimmer as the sun touches it and the air is cool. As could probably be expected it was a busy day at the lake – families out with fishing poles and boats and coolers, so they walked past the bench where they sometimes sit and watch the water and headed down a path that follows the lake. They followed the path, brushing aside cobwebs – Heather saw her first sunfish, or at least what was part of one, passed a family train laden with poles and coolers and chairs until they finally reached a quiet spot. A low hanging tree trailed its branches in the water and they watched the water just beyond. Josh turned to Heather at this point and said, “So, I have a question for you.” He dropped to one knee, and Heather may have cried, “No way!” as tears started forming and he asked her to marry him, to which she replied, “YES!” He opened the box, the diamond sparkling, and said, “I really hope this fits,” as he slid it on her finger and wouldn’t you know – it fit perfectly!
I am giddy and loved and feel like I’m walking in the clouds.

6 thoughts on “Engaged!

  1. Jerad

    Congratulations! You two have been a great couple from the moment you got together. Here’s to your happiness.~DW

  2. julochka

    aw, that’s so sweet! congratulations!! it sounds like it was done in such a lovely setting. a great memory for years to come!

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