Flashback Friday

I should probably save this for a later FF post, but the fact that we’re about 3 months away from meeting Baby Girl, made me nostalgic and I found myself looking through some of our first Enzo pictures.  He had such fantastic chipmunk cheeks!


I remember thinking I’d be nervous about taking Enzo home from the hospital, but come Day 3, I was so ready to just be home with our baby.  I’m so grateful he was as healthy as he was considering the other babies in special care with him were soooo tiny and fragile and very premature – like several months premature.


When we walked in the door, the cats were there to greet us, took a few sniffs at the car seat carrier and promptly made themselves scarce.  At first it did seem strange to walk in the door and it just be the three of us with no nurses or midwives around – would we do everything right?


Turns out there is no “right” and despite not being perfect, I think we’re doing okay as parents.  Can’t wait for Baby Girl to complete the family.