Friday Funday!

Happy Weekend!

I may be the only one who finds stuff like this interesting, but as a parent, I think this annual report on how kids are doing across the U.S. is really intriguing.

I’ve seen this a few times this week, but an artist recreates his childhood doodles as digital illustrations.

What word describes you today?  I’m wise. 😉

And a great Word Count infographic because I love me some infographics. See the full graphic by clicking below.


2 thoughts on “Friday Funday!

  1. Joanne

    Apparently today I am dignified! And I loved Gone With the Wind. One of my favorite books! I tried so hard to get through Infinite Jest but just couldn’t. Way too weird.

  2. hmshoberg

    Admittedly, I haven’t read most of those. Whoops! I’m not sure if I need to catch up or if I’m really not missing all that much since I’ve been disappointed by classics before like Moby Dick. That was tortuous for me.


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