Happy Hump Day!

How can it be Wednesday already?

It was a very busy weekend once we decided to completely rearrange house – well, 3 rooms anyway. Why, you ask? Maybe it was the need of a new project… it just seemed like the right thing to do. We’re still in a bit of disarray, but we’re both happy we decided to take both our office and guest room/game room and combine them into one, in what used to be our very large master bedroom. Sure, we lose some closet space, but it’s a move that makes sense. So, now we have a semi-empty second bedroom to work with once we actually finish moving closets around and purging ourselves of some stuff.

We also got the oil changed in my car on Saturday, which will happen after driving 4500 miles in less than two weeks. While that was being taken care of, we decided to finally visit Cabela’s and pick up a few things to make our camping this summer a little easier, and to get Josh a new fishing rod. I’m really looking forward to camping this year, and so far we have June and July covered, so we’ll have to plan something for August as well, and hopefully more than that. We’ve decided to go camping for our first anniversary, and we’re both looking forward to relaxing for a weekend. We have a boat rented and a site reserved on Lake… something or other, and it shall be glorious.

Otherwise, we also picked up some pretties for our front porch and deck! I should have taken pictures when it wasn’t still gloomy from the rain, but you get the idea for now. 😉 Marigolds galore (my favorite) and a few other bright and cheery flowers that make the front door a tad more inviting and add even more color to our back deck. We are greatly enjoying our fresh lettuce, only there’s almost too much of it!  I think we’re going to need to eat two salads a day! :p