Holy Productivity, Batman!

Sometimes I think we must be a tad crazy.  As if coming back from vacation and trying to get small kiddos back on schedule wasn’t hard enough, we also decided to drastically rearrange our house this weekend.  Madness, but it seems like it will be worthwhile madness.  All of this moving meant I needed another bookshelf, so we ended up at IKEA where Enzo got very excited about a small loft bed.  More excited than we’ve seen him over anything in a long time, so we decided to get it for him in the hopes that bedtime would become easier.  For the first time in weeks, he slept in his bed the entire night.  If this trend continues, the bed will have been worth every single penny.

All in all it made for a very busy weekend, though, and the kids are still off from vacation.  Enzo had a rough preschool drop-off and Phoebe got clingy as well, so I’m just hoping we can get everyone back into their normal routine this week.  I’m really glad we have a 3 day weekend coming up as I feel like every night this week is going to be filled with busy work as I finish moving books and toys around and finally get photos from our trip off my camera, and about a million other tiny little projects.  We do, however, plan on getting out this upcoming weekend and relaxation and fun will be a must.



One thought on “Holy Productivity, Batman!

  1. Sharon

    What exciting times, but who wouldn’t love the bed he picked out, it is great. I’m so glad you guys had a good trip and the kids enjoyed it. It definitely gives hope for more adventures to come. Our kitchen is coming along I am glad to say, maybe by the time Alisha and Scott get here we will have our kitchen sick LOL. I love you all so much, give the babies kisses for me.

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