Hooray Productivity!

It was nice to finally feel well enough to be really productive this past weekend. Josh and I got some shopping done, including a second bookcase for the sitting room so that way our shelves would match. They’re a little big for the space, but we don’t plan on staying there permanently, so it works for now. Once we unloaded the shelves we already had… it was clear I’d have to find a place for everything right away.

I think I still need to do a bit more rearranging of the actual items on the shelves, but I’m in no rush right now.

We moved the mismatched bookshelf that we replaced into what will hopefully start to resemble a nursery in a few months. It’s kind of a scary place for everything we don’t have room for anywhere else at the moment, so it looks like I need to sit down and actually go through stuff and do some major purging. I’m a really awful packrat, so there’s a lot to go through. I’ll just have to lock myself in the room and force myself to do it since it’s so easy to put off. Granted, I’ve been a little busy, but it has to be done before we can buy nursery furniture, so that’s pretty good motivation to do so.

As for hearing the baby’s heartbeat last week… so amazing.  It’s so strange to think that I have this tiny little being growing inside of me right now.