I will never wash another bottle again.

I can’t remember when exactly Enzo gave up his nighttime bottles, but it was probably shortly before Phoebe was born. We were settling down for our nighttime routine and when I offered him his nightcap, he just sort of shrugged and shook his head.  I’m not sure what exactly made me decide to try and see if Phoebe was ready to give up her bottles or not… she’s pretty attached to her baba.


When we got back from vacation, though, I gave her a sippy with some milk for our nighttime snuggles and she was okay with it.  So, there you go. Granted, there are nights where she gets downright mad that I’m offering her a sippy instead of a bottle, but overall she’s gotten used to it and soon she won’t need it at all.  While it may not seem like a big deal, these moments and milestones can be so bittersweet. How can she be growing up so fast?


Maybe that’s why I haven’t been as keen on making her stay in her crib all night and haven’t given a thought to toddler beds or other things that will push infancy further and further behind us.  Enzo was in a toddler bed by 18 months, I think – mostly because he showed readiness and was much happier.  We knew Phoebe was on the way, so we also knew that bedsharing with him wouldn’t be feasible.  While I don’t mind snuggling my kiddos, they are both very active sleepers and would only keep each other (and us) awake all night.  I do know that Enzo gets a tad jealous when he realizes that Phoebe has been sleeping with us, so it is probably an arrangement we will need to change soon.


Ugh, they’re growing up so fast, which is both awesome and hard. I’m not a fan of the sassiness and tantrums that come with older toddlers/preschoolers, but I love how imaginative Enzo is and that we can share in things we couldn’t before. I’m grateful that Phoebe is still a snuggler and while I try to keep her a baby as long as possible, each day is exciting as she learns new words and attempts to copy her brother.