I’m a Little Teapot…

I don’t recall exactly what brought up the subject of tea parties, but while I was playing with Phoebe and her Calico Critters she announced that Mama Koala was going to have a tea party.  It was then that I asked her if she would like to have a real tea party.  The look of joy on her face as she (in very girly fashion) squealed with delight was magical. However, as is the norm with 3 year olds, she said she wanted to do it then and there.  I explained that we should do a little planning and go shopping so we could go all out for her first tea party.

So to Target we went and I pulled out my tea set and appetizer tower.  Phoebe invited Josh and Enzo (who was at first uncertain as to whether he wanted to go or not), however, she told them in no uncertain terms that they could come only if they didn’t spill anything.  Enzo brought his rabbit as his plus one and Phoebe brought her rabbit and Liliana her doll. Phoebe had said she wanted something orange for her tea party, so I suggested we go with tea that had orange peel and she picked out a heavenly earl grey with orange peel and vanilla.  We obviously had to get some fancy cookies, which she also picked out and I made little sandwiches with what I could find in the cupboard along with some fruit.  Oh, and of course cupcakes.

It was a blast.  The kids are excited about having a big fancy tea party at least once a month and I’m sure we’ll do more simple parties more frequently. It was so much fun to watch them set up plates and cups for their dolls and help them eat their food and watch them add a little sugar to their own tea.  I’m looking forward to many more gatherings.

Don’t you just love the fake smiles?  They really were having fun…. I swear!

Yeah… still struggling with the looks of joy.