(Insert sigh of relief here)

Slowly, but surely we’re getting unpacked and moved-in. I think the hardest part is deciding where to put everything, so I’m sure I’ll be doing some shuffling. I’m still trying to figure out how to better utilize the space in our “pantry.” We turned the hall closet into a pantry with a shelving unit from IKEA for $30, but it doesn’t quite hold all that we need it to, so I need to make some adjustments and find some containers that better organize that space. I’m determined to finish unpacking the kitchen first. If I can get that one area clean and pretty, I’ll feel much more accomplished and more importantly, able to make meals. We have so many new things that I want to use!

I think we’re going to try and set up the grill this weekend too and hopefully have our first barbeque and then watch the sunset. It’s our new routine – we stop everything and go sit outside and watch the sun go down with a nice glass of something. It’s so nice and peaceful and a wonderful way to wind down for the night.

We’re already getting some fun wildlife as well – mostly birds. There was a family of pheasants yesterday that were tiptoeing around the edge of the lawn (pictures to come*), and our first night, we were both awoken by an owl, and wouldn’t you know, it was perched on our garage! Josh got up and looked out the window and startled what was an apparently very large owl – possibly a great horned owl? We’re hoping it comes back for a photo shoot. 😉 Now I just need to get the birdfeeders outside and hope that some of the other pretties that I’ve been seeing/hearing stop by!

*Now that I can crawl to my desk, I think I’ll be able to take the time to actually post pictures and stories from our wedding/mini-moon. :p